Southampton is an interesting mixture of things. It has a flourishing business community, with excellent connections to the continent. It has some of the best theatres and galleries in the area, with the Gantry at the heart of a thriving and cutting edge artistic community. It has a good university, and excellent leisure facilities. It is also a surprisingly green city, with the New Forest immediately to the west, and a large area of common land at the very heart of the city. This combination of attractions has drawn an increasingly large population of young executives and professionals from London, both commuters and those who work locally.

It is easy to see, then, why the Ventrue, Toreador and Gangrel are particularly attracted to Southampton. Southampton is the south of England's major trading port, and industry is strong, with shipbuilding and the manufacture of motor vehicles at the fore, and the Ventrue take full advantage of the city's economic strength and growing young professional community. They have also been careful to take care of the older parts of the city, and the remains of the medieval town are among the best preserved in the country.

The Toreador modernists have encouraged more modern forms of art, with great success; the City Art Gallery has won awards and has a national reputation. The Gantry community arts centre has a reputation for adventurous programming, and the John Hansard Gallery, situated on the University campus, is a showcase for a wide range of work from artists of national and international repute.

The Gangrel have an unusual fondness for Southampton, as it is one of the greenest cities in the country. It boasts a number of parks and gardens as well as the Common, where the Hawthorne Urban Wildlife Centre recreates many of the natural habitats found in the city, as well as being a stone's throw from the wildest part of Wessex, the New Forest.

Southampton has been flourishing for some time; its last real disaster was the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic was built in Southampton, with many families working either on its construction or as crew. After all the boasts that it was unsinkable, its loss was a blow to Southampton's status, and a local tragedy, with over 500 families losing one or more relatives.

Prince Gregor in theory requires that all kindred present themselves on entry to his city. In practice, he won't be bothered as long as they find him within 24 hours of their arrival. Since finding him might be difficult, sensible organised people might want to contact him in advance. In general, though, he is pretty casual about visitors. If someone turns up, stays the day, and goes again the next night, he won't be too bothered, as long as he is informed at some point before they go.
However, he does always ask people what they are doing in his city. Vague answers like "just visting X" or "wanted to see people again" are fine - Gregor spent most of his life doing this. If they later turn out to be inaccurate or misleading, then he will get very angry.
Gregor does not delegate such duties to a ghoul - he asks people himself, and in person.
The time that people are allowed to stay is also limited. Gregor will start making hints about whether the kindred "has plans" after the first 10-15 years or so.

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