The Ventrue are considered the true politicians of the Camarilla. But it must be remember that their roots are ancient and in centuries past the idea of what constituted politics was very different to what it is today. The Venture are the embodiment of the elitist old boys network - everyone knows everyone else, deals are done behind the scenes, and decisions are made far away from public scrutiny. This is not the politics of democracy, but of oligarchy.

The Ventrue are by nature the most anachronistic Kindred - they are the least adaptable and the most likely to fall into stagnant thought patterns. It is because of their influence that the Guilds of London still hold their power, that many policy decisions are still made in Gentleman's clubs, and that in politics and big business, who you know is as vital as what you know.

Status and position are vital considerations to the Ventrue - they take nobility very seriously, and have always believed that breeding tells: those born into power are deserving of it. It was perhaps because of these attitudes that they were a little slow to realise that power in the modern world often comes directly from money, and not from social position. Although they exploit the wealth built up through centuries of privilege, a Ventrue rarely respects the dynamic young businessman - they are considered crass, and tasteless, although it is grudgingly admitted that they are useful pawns.

Distanced though they may be from the dynamic world of the self-made man, the power of Ventrue in Kindred politics is immense. Their power with the Presence Discipline often allows them to utterly dominate meetings of Kindred, ensuring their ideas and opinions are never ignored. Then, behind the scenes, they excel at the politics of individuals - deal making, gaining of favours, persuasion of key individuals. Ventrue often know just who they need to speak to in order to get a particular idea accepted, and can be extremely persuasive when they need to be. They often have immense mortal influence, and there are still many mortals who will respect their social position and dignity.

Ventrue sometimes consider themselves the 'keepers of the kine' - using their influence, wealth, and skill to ensure that mortals prosper, business ventures are successful, and economies thrive. How much true altruism motivates this is open to debate, but many Ventrue are involved in making their cities successful. It is perhaps for this reason, and the decay of the Upper Classes that more Ventrue in the modern age are drawn from the ranks of business Empires, rather than hereditary titles. Old style Ventrue may still consider the businessman a 'trader', and not really of the calibre their noble line should seek to embrace, but the young value the contributions they are able to make to the clan.

What you need to consider when creating a Ventrue character:
The Ventrue select their Childer carefully, but always consider what a childe is, as well as who they are. Status, heritage, and position are all vital, and in some ways may outweigh simple considerations like personality. Few insults can be more unpleasant to a Ventrue than 'nouveau rich' - new money is bad money, it is breeding that brings strength and wisdom. A Ventrue will rarely, if ever, even consider embracing a social outcast, or someone unable to move in good society. A Ventrue must be able to represent the dignity and nobility of the clan.

The Ventrue in the rest of the world

The Ventrue are still strongest in Europe, and the 'old world' generally. Although old style Ventrue, with their considerations of breeding and social position are reasonably strong and influential in the East Coast of America where 'old money' still dominates the social scene, the dynamic nature of American society has meant the Ventrue have had to adapt somewhat to the world of business and money-making in order to thrive. Those bloodlines of the Ventrue that have 'adapted' are considered rather crass by the European branches of their clan.

Throughout the world the Ventrue dominate in Kindred politics, and there are more Princes from this clan than any other. They frequently have good contacts with Ventrue in other cities (although this is usually done through individual bloodline), and control considerable resources worldwide.

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