There are always those dissatisfied with Ďthe systemí; and there are those who are prepared to do something about it - no matter what the cost. Those dissatisfied with the Camarilla and who are prepared to make a fuss about it are called Anarchs.

The Anarch movement traces its roots to Spain at the time of the Inquisition. Many neonates (primarily of the Brujah Clan) became sickened at the way Elders threw their Childer into the path of the Inquisition to save their own lives. They rebelled against the authority of the Elders, and became known as Autarkis. When this movement of younger Kindred spread, and turned on all Elders it caused the formation of the Camarilla. The Camarilla fought against the Autarkis and won, causing most to surrender - however, many of those who refused formed into a new organisation - the Sabbat.

The modern Anarch movement may see its roots in those days of the violent revolution of the Autarkis, but most see themselves as something rather different. Most Anarchs within Camarilla cities have no sympathy with the Sabbat, wishing primarily to change the system, and donít necessarily wish to destroy all Elders or adopt other beliefs as extreme as those of the Sabbat. Anarchs range in temperament and action greatly - from terrorists actively fighting to bring down Princes and Elders, to those who quietly try to introduce reforms from within the Camarilla.

But as far as Elders are concerned Anarchs are all basically the same - terrorist murderers who would bring about the end of all Kindred life. Elders still remember the atrocities of the Autarkis revolt, the Diabolry and torture of respected Elders - and draw little distinction between the current Anarchs and the Sabbat. The Anarchs have been responsible for other crimes and atrocities in more recent history, but it is still their old crimes that the Elders remember most vividly.

To allow yourself to be identified as an Anarch sympathiser in the Camarilla is social and political suicide. To allow yourself to be identified as an Anarch is often a more physical form of suicide. However, there are undoubtedly those within the Camarilla who would like to see the system changed, who would like to see a lessening of the power of Elders, and perhaps a more Ďhumanitarianí attitude towards all Kindred. As more children of the modern age are Embraced the muttering about the unfairness of the system grows louder, and the numbers of Anarchs prepared to fight for what they believe increases. The Elders know they have a problem, but so far their main reaction has been to introduce even more draconian punishments for those Anarchs that are detected. Although the majority of Camarilla society is firmly behind the Elders in this (for fear of being labelled Anarchs themselves, if for no other reason) the murmuring from the neonates is still getting louder.

What you need to consider when creating an Anarch character:
Youíll need to be clever, or youíll end up dead. Anarchs are not at all popular, and itís the powerful people that hate them most. You may be relatively safe at the meetings, but if you are openly recognised as an Anarch there will be many who will attempt to destroy you. Of course, if you are unlucky, or a bit stupid, you may find people believing you are an Anarch even if you arenít - which can be just as bad. Talking back to Elders, or not accepting the rule of those in authority, might well earn you the label ĎAnarchí even if you have no sympathy with their aims. The first thing to suffer will be your status, and when that is gone greater punishments will await you if you donít reassure the Elders you are a faithful Camarilla member.

Elders hate Anarchs, and so do most Princes. Expressing an opinion that seems to be in sympathy with the Anarchs, no matter how reasonable it may seem, is somewhat like sitting to dinner with a Bishop and beginning the conversation with "You know, the Satanists do have some valid points about the modern church." It wonít get you very far.

So, if you want to be an Anarch, consider the following:

Overall, thereís more to being an Anarch than talking back to Elders in meetings. If you want to achieve anything youíll have to work hard at it, and the chances are you still wonít succeed. The odds are stacked in the favour of the Elders, and it was ever thus. Making a fuss in meetings will just get you killed, if you are going to achieve anything for the cause, you are going to have to be clever and subtle.

The Anarchs in Wessex

The official line: there arenít any. It may be conceded that there may be some currently lurking in Bristol, but the attitude is that they are another small problem in that city that will have to get tidied up one of these days. As for the other cities - no Prince would admit to letting Anarchs operate openly within his/her city.

In truth: who knows? Perhaps there are several with Anarch sympathies, perhaps there are those attempting to support an Anarch group in Bristol. But, of course, we wonít know until youíve created your characters.

The Anarchs in the rest of the world

The biggest concentration of Anarchs in the world is currently in America. The Anarch Free State - the city of California - is an area entirely out of Camarilla control, and run entirely by Anarchs. The Camarilla dislikes this intensely, and it is considered with as much hostility as a Sabbat city.

The Anarch movement appears to be growing somewhat, with more and more Neonates being drawn towards it. But their life is always difficult and dangerous. The larger cities in the world may allow groups of Anarchs to go unnoticed (in much the same way as Caitiff can slip through the crowds), but most Princes do all they can to stamp out any Anarch activity in their territory.

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