Caitiff are the clanless Kindred. For whatever reason they have not been adopted into a clan, and are not recognised as full Kindred by the Camarilla. Usually their Sire has abandoned them; they may never have been presented before a Prince, and may not be fully schooled in the ways of Kindred.

Caitiff are an increasing problem for the Camarilla. The Traditions state clearly that the Siring of Kindred is to be strictly controlled by the Elder of a city (usually interpreted to be the Prince), as controlling Kindred numbers is essential. But in the modern age there has been somewhat of a population explosion in Caitiffs - with more population to feed off, they more often go unnoticed. As they are frequently uneducated in the ways of Kindred they may Embrace further Kindred without fully understanding what they are doing, or just out of loneliness. Thus, unchecked by any authority (apart from occasional culls organised by Princes or the Camarilla) their numbers grow.

What you need to consider when creating a Caitiff character

You have to accept that most other characters will treat you like scum. To most of them you have no right to life, ideally should be put down at the earliest opportunity, and you are little more than vermin. Caitiff frequently have pretty miserable lives.

You have no clan resources to draw on, no natural friends to turn to, and may be largely unschooled in Disciplines, and other parts of Kindred life. Survival is difficult.

Before creating your character you must think about:

Caitiff in Wessex

Most Princes do not tolerate Caitiff in their cities, but Bristol may offer a haven for some Caitiff. No one is exactly clear about the Kindred living there (except, perhaps, the King and some Royal Primogen), and there may well be a number of Kindred lurking there. Under the rules the King's Conclaves Caitiff may attend without being harmed, as long as they accept the King's authority, and he has accepted them into his Kingdom.

Being accepted by the King (who seems content to allow a reasonable number of Caitiff to exist within his Kingdom, whilst making it very clear they must totally accept his authority) does not mean they aren't treated terribly by everyone else. There are occasional calls for a move to exterminate the Caitiff of Bristol as a first step to turning it back into a Camarilla city, but so far nothing has been done.

Caitiff in the rest of the world

Nowadays most of the larger cities of the world have a few Caitiff. They are seen as a form of environmental pollution by many Kindred, and there is increasing discussion about how to solve 'the Caitiff problem'. The Caitiff are growing in number, and as their number grows the danger they present to Kindred grows - they endanger the Masquerade, take up valuable resources of blood, and are an increasingly uncontrollable force in many cities. They also act as a recruiting ground for Sabbat infiltrators and Anarch terrorists.

There is no organisation of Caitiff outside of the Sabbat (who acknowledge them as a Clan in their own right - yet another sign of their degeneration from the Camarilla perspective), and so Caitiff are pretty much on their own. Throughout most of the Camarilla killing a Caitiff is a bit like killing a dog - not something you want to be seen doing in polite company, something you'd prefer someone else did on your behalf, but no big issue really.

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