Statement of Elysium

An abridged translation made in 1868 of the Elysium as declared by Caradoc, King of Wessex in the 10th century, revised and annotated in 1514. Caradoc, by the grace of God King of Wessex, Lord of the Channel Islands and Sovereign of the seaways between England and France, to all residents of his Kingdom, Princes, Primogen, guests etc. We have passed judgement on all residents of our Realm insofar as respect for our fellows in discussion and meeting and have found that these strictures must be held to apply: Above all others and at all times the residents of Wessex will hold and respect the Traditions of the Camarilla, viz. the creating of progeny, the rules of secrecy of hospitality and of haven, the respect for those high in chivalry and the other traditions which provide safety for all at all times and this shall be held to be an Elysium at all times and in all places within this Realm on pain of punishment. First, My Elysium will stretch between all those in my Realm for the duration of one night from each month, provisionally stated as the first of the month, but changeable by discussion between myself and the Princes who rule under me, whilst I remain sovereign of this kingdom for ever. Whilst my Elysium will last it shall be for my entire Realm and during this night from sunset to sunrise there shall be no conflict of any sort, neither by hand nor by emissary, neither preparation nor execution, neither by mind or by body, lest the protection of my Elysium should be forfeit and punishment meted upon the offender.

Second, My Elysium will respect the guidance and rulership of those who hold their Princehoods under me insofar as in the places of their designation, whilst they host the discussion and meeting of the residents of Wessex, the Prince will be a power above all others save myself and my Primogen, even unto the judgement of final death, though such severe judgements will be overseen by King or Warmaster. At my Court of Winchester there shall be no magic nor any supernatural influence presented by any Kindred, nor shall those who are neither Kindred nor guests invited by myself be admitted entrance nor entrance sought for them, nor shall offence be offered by the carrying of weapons.

Third, in the case of threat from a foreign power my Elysium may be suspended by one who holds full trust and responsibility viz. My Warmaster in addition to myself, lest we be taken, though in the event my Elysium may still be deemed to hold whilst residents work together against a common foe.

Lastly, for those who offer friendship to friend and for those who fear to travel along the highways and byways of Wessex through forests and fields without others there will be safety from fellows and from foes gifted by the King on request though residents will find themselves travelling with companionship, protection will be vouchsafed for them, those who attend discussion and meeting.

Witnesses - the Princes of the realm, the Royal Primogen of the realm

Modern commentary:

The King's Elysium is enforced from sunset to sunrise on the day arranged for each Conclave. All Kindred residents of Wessex are welcome to attend each Conclave, wherever it is held, and to do so without fear of attack either direct or covert. Any breach of the King's Elysium is treated with the severest penalties.

If arranged, one of Caradoc's servants accompanies any convoy of kindred travelling to any conclave of Wessex to ensure their immediate safety from threat.

The Court of Winchester allows no use of disciplines of any sort within its boundaries, and this Elysium is overseen by the Warmaster and by Caradoc himself.

No Kindred may attack another on this night. No Kindred may deploy troops or actively use influence over the mortal world or supernatural power to arrange to attack another at a later date.

GM note - If in doubt, it's probably a breach of Elysium rules ;)

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