More information about our World of Darkness

Our Vampire game differs from the 'standard' White Wolf Vampire world view in a fair number of ways, and is certainly rather different to that seen in Degen. This is just a few notes on some things that are very definitely different, in an attempt to minimise confusion. Basically it's worth checking with the Refs before assuming a piece of background you've read about is definitely true. This can often be explained away in terms of 'there are many false rumours', but we'd hate for you to act based on false assumptions.

A few key differences:
The Russian Revolution was *not* an Anarch revolt. Details on different countries will be available in a couple of days.
The Sabbat do not currently hold New York.
The Prince of London is not Lady Anne, or Mithras, but William of Normandy (aka. The Conqueror)
The Justicars are not those given in White Wolf, but entirely our own (so no Shreck)
Some minor bloodlines may not exist in our world, or may function differently. Generally these aren't at all well known about anyway, so we don't feel the need to tell you any more.
Fey, if they exist at all (you'll only have heard rumours), are not in the least bit like Changelings. In fact, any non-Vampire stuff should be assumed to be at least somewhat different to standard WW background.

Also, the overall 'feel' of the world is somewhat different (although, frankly, this varies vastly from White Wolf supplement to supplement). We have rather a 'First Edition' world view of Vampire. This mostly means that the Camarilla should be thought of as a group that exists by agreement of its most important members, not as a self perpetuating structure. It is not a vast bureaucracy monitoring the comings and goings of the world as a whole. Rather, at its head is a collection of very powerful entities who occasionally talk to each other, and believe it is in their own interests to keep in touch, and occasionally act in unison. Likewise, Clans do not have vast structures of their own, nor employ hundred of retainers in big flashy buildings. Kindred may talk to each other, but the Clans are not organised along bureaucratic lines.

Kindred are much more interested in local events than international ones. Global politics, and global thinking, is, in Kindred terms, an incredibly recent innovation. The vast majority of Elders have not adjusted to it. Most Elders are interested in finding a place where they are safe, and that they can defend successfully. Anything that is unlikely to be a threat to them is of no interest. Kings think in terms of Kingdoms, and neighbouring Kingdoms, Princes in terms of Cities, and neighbouring Cities. The 'global view' is largely irrelevant.

Thus, do not imagine that the Camarilla has a large amount of resources 'on tap' that it sends instantly into trouble areas. Elders think slowly and carefully, and act when they are sure it is in their best interests. If it seems sensible to wait a century or two to see which way things are going, and then commit, that is what they will do.

One of the reasons that the Tremere have been so successful as a Clan is that they do have a greater ability to think globally, and co-operate with each other even when it isn't of direct benefit. However, being ruled by Elders they are still rather slow to 'modernise'. Clan Ventrue may exchange resources within itself, but often thinks in terms of bloodline, and status, rather than in terms of Clan. Brujah have a reputation for being friendly and co-operative to each other, but this is often more as 'a helping hand' when needed than long term co-operation. The Nosferatu are said to aid each other, but no-one really knows what they get up to. The Toreador have, for some years, corresponded with each other around the world and tried to keep in touch with different cultures, and are generally the clan that adapts most quickly to new cultural ideas. A Toreador 'jet-set' may not yet be a reality, but it's possible that it may not lie that far in the future.

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