Character List

This page should tell you which characters are played by which people, together with a little bit of commonly known information about them, such as which city they reside in and which Clan they are.


The GM team is:

Please note that when a home city is given for a member of the Royal Primogen, it indicates their usual city of residence. The Royal Primogen tend to have more than one place of residence within Wessex, and are not subject to city boundaries or the rules of princes.

If you think you should be on this list, the information on your character is incorrect or I've missed something else, please tell me.

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Name Player Clan Home City Status Sire Other Info Contact
Royal Primogen
Robert Guisgard Adam Howard Brujah Oxford 7 . .
Frideswide Kate Harding Gangrel Oxford 7 . .
Annabel Emma Stuttard Malkavian . 7 . .
Rhiannon Corinne Berg Nosferatu Reading 7 . .
Warmaster Cormiac Steve Jessop Toreador Aldershot 7 . .
Grifon de Moy Warlock Tremere Oxford 7 . .
Walther Tirol Toby Powell Ventrue Portsmouth 7 William of Normandy Retired. There is currently no Ventrue Royal Primogen.
Marion De Silver Becky Annison Brujah Oxford 5 . Prince of Oxford since 1720.
Benedict Hawthorne Reuben Wright Toreador Portsmouth 5 Elizabeth Prince of Portsmouth since 17C (0411) 531444
Lady Caroline Curthan Dawn Camus Ventrue Southampton 5 Henry Derrisham Prince of Southampton since July 1999

Name Player Home City Status Sire Other Info Contact
Gregor Hanbury Hampden-Turner Unknown . . Deposed Prince of Southampton
Uram of Anglesea Dom Camus Oxford 5 . .
Alexander Rosenthal Paul Killworth Southampton Neo. Spanish Lineage .
(01242) 228048
John Bishop Kent Oxford . . .
Sarah Milton Krystyna Joyce Oxford 1 Grandchilde of Michael Albion .
Lawrence Cattermole Steven Pearson Southampton 4 . Primogen, Southampton
Sebastian Rivers Chris Venus Southampton . Lawrence Cattermole Liaison to the Garou
Violet Carruthers Corinne New Forest 1 Frideswide . .
Ned Robson Toby Wright Oxford 0 Sebastian Rivers .
Stewart Sexton Ralph Lovegrove Portsmouth 3 . . .
The Marquis Emma Southampton 2 . An interest in the "cinematic arts" .
Imogen Parr Sarah Blake Southampton Neo. The Marquis .
Chloe Jo Smith Oxford . . .
Maleus John Reynolds Portsmouth 4 . Primogen, Portsmouth .
Maevebd Anthony Amanda Clarke Oxford 3 Rhiannon Name pronounced Mab.
James McPherson Mike Sweeny Oxford 4/2 . Constable, Oxford
Elizabeth Kate Harding Portsmouth 6 Cormiac .
Grace Lancaster Liz Wootten Southampton 6 Cormiac .
Clara Corinne Paris 6 Elizabeth Not a resident of Wessex. .
Jennifer Louise Samuelson Leanne Guyver Portsmouth 5 Elizabeth's childe .
Clodia Kate Portsmouth 4 . . .
Christi-Ann Emma Portsmouth 2 . .
Doc. Potemkin Matthew Nesbit Portsmouth 3 . Clodia's 'nephew'.
India . Southampton 3 Grace Deceased. .
Carrie Kate Southampton 2 India Flapper!
Mike Fibbins Matt O'Connell Southampton 0 India Ian Locke's responsibility.
Takamatsu Matt Harvey Oxford 4/2 Clara Constable, Oxford
Ian Locke Martin Hornsey Southampton 2 Grace .
Lee Alexander Dan Singer Southampton 2 . .
Mumblin' Mo Travis Neil Parkinson Southampton 1 Ian Locke .
Bernard-Henri Levi Mo Holkar Portsmouth 1 Jennifer .
Alvito Rodriguez Navarre Rick Cronan Vienna 5 . Not a resident of Wessex.
Jade Liland Andromeda Wood Southampton 4 . Primogen, Southampton
Steven Arpige Martin Lloyd Oxford 2 . .
Michael Grayston John Phillips Oxford 2 Richard Gifford .
Martin Gray Ben Mann Oxford . Jade Liland .
George Lambert David McKnight Oxford 0 Michael Grayston .
Laura Stevens Louisa Killworth Southampton . Jade Liland .
Sir Simon Laertes Matt Marcus Southampton 4 . Sire of Steven Finch
Robert Perroy Warlock Portsmouth 4 . . .
Estella Danz Caroline Pearson Southampton 3 Caroline Curthan .
Estelle Morrison Katy Ricketts Portsmouth 1 . .
Antonius Dashwood Chris Rogers Portsmouth 2 Thomas Harcourt .
John Crighton Chris Fox Southampton 2 Caroline Curthan .
Calum McDermot Chris Johnstone Edinburgh 5 . Not a resident of Wessex.
Cherie Corinne Marseilles 3 . Not a resident of Wessex.
Steven Finch Pete Newman Southampton 0 Simon Laertes .