A few things you should know about writing turnsheets before the game gets under way...

This Vampire game does not happen strictly in real time. The Vampire meetings in Wessex happen once a month, so between each meeting a month long 'turn' passes. We will have 12 meetings in the academic year, so one game year will pass in one 'real time' year. However, by spreading the meetings out in the game world we get over the problem of 'why does everything happen in term time?'

We are going to encourage people to write turnsheets wherever possible. We'd like turnsheets in the Friday after a meeting, thus giving us plenty of processing time.

We'd like Turnsheets split up into 4 segments, each roughly representing a week. That way we can clearly see when things are happening, and how much time you are prepared to spend doing things. It should also prevent you over-stuffing your turnsheets with actions.

You should also nominate a 'priority action' - something that you really want to find the time to get done. If you've underestimated the amount of time that this action will take, we'll assume your character would drop other actions to get it done instead. Of course, if your priority action is something like 'take over the world' or 'meet Caine', we can't guarantee you'll have time to do it - but we will assume you spend all your time doing so, and forgetting about other actions, unless you state otherwise.

Some people may be restricted on the number of actions they can perform in a turn. Many Kindred dedicate long hours to keeping up their influence, and businesses, in the mortal world. Thus, for possessing each of the following you must dedicate one week a month to 'upkeep':
Resources 4 or 5
Contacts 5
Influence 4 or 5
Note: Unless circumstances are really extreme you won't drop 'upkeep' actions in favour of Priority Actions, as these are the things you just have to take care of.

One way to get around this time restriction is to buy a Retainer with a background point. Any Retainer may be dedicated to upkeeping one of your interests. We will require name, and details, of such a Retainer - where they live, how exactly you 'employ' them, etc.

If you use a Retainer they take care of all day to day running of one aspect of your life, and occasionally give you reports, and try to take care of any pieces of business you send their way. Thus, if something were to happen to them, you might find yourself in a great deal of trouble. And if they were to be interrogated a great deal might be discovered about you. This is why in a war between Kindred the pawns are often the first thing to be attacked.

There are other things you may need to dedicate regular time to that other people cannot do for you. A Toreador may find themselves spending two weeks a month ensuring they are the centre of the local social scene, or a Nosferatu might spend an equal amount of time just 'keeping an eye on things'. A Prince or Primogen may wish to spend a week a month keeping up to date with Kindred affairs in their city. Your Ref will speak to you if there is a restriction on how you can use your time.


One of the problems that Vampire games have always suffered from is lack of time to Turnsheet, late starts, and people being a bit confused about what they've actually done in the past turn. In order to try and get over this problem, your humble Refs are going to sacrifice their Saturday afternoons.

The idea is this - each Saturday afternoon before a game, the Refs will make themselves available in an accessible place - probably a pub or café in town. Players are welcome to drop by at any point during the afternoon, talk to the Refs and get turnsheeted. There will be some turnsheeting going on in the meeting for those unable to find us in the afternoon, but hopefully people will use the afternoon to get stuff sorted out, meet up for in character chats, Primogen meetings, and that kind of thing. Thus there should be less to do immediately before a meeting.

Processing Turns

What you do in a turn will be decided by what you write in your turnsheet, and we aren't going to try and 'play through' all important incidents in turns - we'll process what happens, and brief people before a game. The reason for this is that playing things through greatly slows down turnsheeting, as it means turnsheets have to be processed in a particular order, people are kept hanging around, and we've got no idea what has happened in the Kingdom until we've finished processing.

This shouldn't be too big a restriction, as we'll try and keep people informed of what's going on. Just, if you write in your turnsheet 'Will set off all the bombs planted in Oxford' don't then turn you to the turnsheeting session and say 'well, I've spoken to X and changed my mind' - we'll probably already have told half a dozen people about the explosions, so it will have happened. Basically, do your plotting before you write your turnsheet, and we'll get back to you on what happens.

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