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Icon Characters

For obvious reasons, characters must be people who would be willing to attend an interstellar meeting of assorted people. Motivation for this can be anything: socialisation, or to trade, exchange information, represent your species, sell your services etc. However, ICON is not intended to be too high-powered, so there will not be players at the level of heads of government.

First, you must select a race for your character from the list of ‘open’ races given elsewhere. Each race will be described to its members more fully, either in text or verbally.

Characters are described by attributes and powers. Each character has 25 points to divide as desired.

Attributes describe certain traits of a character: each character must have a value in each, although in extreme cases a value of 0 may be appropriate. An attribute of 3 is 'galactic average', but the technology exist to push people well beyond the natural capacities of their race. Values above 5 are awesome, and 8 is the maximum possible value for an attribute: in the case of Body and Reflexes, this is the best on offer from the finest experimental cybertechnology labs. Powers indicate to what resources and abilities a character has access. Maximum here is 12. Some indication has been given of their uses: hopefully this is obvious for the attributes. Players are asked to define exactly what they want their power stat to do.

As well as defining attributes and powers, we would like you to provide some character description before the game starts. This should consist of at least the following:

You could also write history, psychoanalysis, stories, family sagas, anything you want to pad that character sheet out to a satisfying 2kg.

Character Suggestions

Some characters should speak first to certain GMs:



Private Fleets

These rules cover space-going fleets operated by PCs, and also apply to land based companies and military forces.

Private fleets are defined by 8 or 9 characteristics, determined as follows:

Next, allocate points to the following attributes. The number of points available is equal to double the number of character points spent on the fleet. Extra points must be allocated to raise a value above 10: a value of 11 cost 12 points, a value of 12 cost 14 etc.


Transport 0, Trade 7 : A highly profitable but planet bound concern: perhaps a mining or insurance firm.
Transport 5, Trade 5, Military 1 : A weakly defended interstellar trade operation.
Transport 1, Trade 5, Military 5 : Either pirates, mercenaries, or a combination of the two.
Transport 1, Trade 0, Military 8 : A CCF unit.

If the character in question is intending to run a company within the GMG, a department in StarMerc, or any other unit with an authority higher than the player, the department in question should be bought as a private fleet as usual. A certain amount of influence on the organisation is automatic, but additional leverage may be bought as influence in the usual way.