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ICON News 1

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ICON News 1


The cuddly Cymlana have recently called a meeting over the Matrix which is to deal with what their spokesman, Major Ursa, describes as a 'major new threat' to life in CivCore. The Major expects attendees from major governments as well as the minor but advanced races, and has had an assurance of attendance from a General Norris of the CCF, who hopes that others will also come to the meeting.


There was no show of resistance when the so-called 'New Empire' sent troops to Cymlana and took the planet. Ambassadors and dignitaries at Major Ursa's meeting were given only ten minutes to be on their way off the planet: some are reported to have been captured by the Empire, and we expect to hear news of their demise at any time. Many of the Cymlana in the area have been rescued by various potentates, so the race has not quite experienced the genocide this reporter would expect to be perpetrated by the invaders.


In a major Cymlana shocker, it has been revealed that two of the captives of the New Empire were only caught due to the negligence of a Flight employee. The Amorian government employed the well-respected R'Tani to take a duo of representatives from a newly contacted race, the Ikzari, to the meeting on Cymlana. This commission followed a friendly request from the Ikzari pair to meet new races within CivCore. Ignoring her commission, the employee instead filled her passenger list with Cymlana who promised to pay her for her trouble. This was discovered on her return to Amoria, and in an attempt to avoid war with the Ikzari, the Amorian government and Flight are promising severe reprimands...


Following the Cymlana incident a number of Skithrass were evacuated to Shari. As expected they adapted very well to the planet and seem to grow in numbers by the day. This constitutes a major problem for the Godkingdom of Prince Larmion, as all other rulers refuse to let Skithrass into their realms. Prince Larmion's mother is reportedly not amused.


Cymlana is no more. As these pictures taken from a CCF vessel reveal, the once prosperous planet has been covered with a sea of molten metal. Specialists say that no life could survive within the metal surface of the planet. Having instigated this atrocity, 'securing' the planet, few New Empire ships have been left to guard the Cymlana system. We clearly cannot hope for the release of the hostages taken by the 'New Empire', and anticipate that their deaths will eventually be announced.


In a bid to rescue any remaining Cymlana on the doomed planet, famed 'real Super Hero' Johnny Vlarg was confounded when he discovered the metal poured over Cymlana. Undaunted, however, Vlarg followed a leaving CCF vehicle which he suspected was causing trouble in the vicinity. Boarding the ship, he discovered a nefarious evildoer in the process of escaping with a possession of our peace-keeping forces! Of course, Johnny says, STEALING IS WRONG AND SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY! From the still life pictures of Johnny punishing the black-clad, heavily cybered intruder with his bare hands, somebody certainly did pay! Unfortunately, the evildoer escaped in one of the attached shuttles, barely getting away from Johnny in time, but Johnny swears that the last word coming from the lips of the villain as he ran away was 'Sorry', even if it was a little muffled by the closing of the airlock. At the press conference afterwards, Johnny said 'I'm glad I wasn't forced to be late by convincing that bad man to apologize. I want to give the CCF their ship back. Here you are. And remember, kids, that stealing is wrong, and somebody has to pay.'


In what must be a moment of relief for Amoria and the whole of CivCore, the Ikzari hostages have been returned with seemingly no harm done. War seems to have been averted on the edge of CivCore space, and this reporter breathes a sigh of relief, and looks forward to peaceable overtures from our new Ikzari neighbours.


It seems that the Amorians are not having a good time of it recently, given the prospect of war and the almost 20% downturn in their economy over the past week or so. On the other hand, since P5 has been sighted in the vicinity of Amoria, they might be having a *very* good time of it... (See our Nightlife report in half-an-hour)


A number of planetary governments have expressed concern about the quantity of semi-legal and illegal weaponry which has recently been vended through bulletin board 'The Tangled Web', Matrix node 20-23-02-02. As yet, the equipment does not seem to have been utilized...


Fighting the last champion on the Arctic Tundra scenario of the Muat Tien arena, and bringing him to yield, Zephyr has become the new Muat Tien champion. Young humanoid females throughout CivCore are already clamouring for pin-ups. Zephyr is an Aamei, and lives with his family on the Algol Game-Worlds. He is rumoured to have gained his formidable combat skills, and that scar down his left cheek, in combat in the illegal Arenas, which the Algol government is forever trying to wipe out for good. In interview, Zephyr refused to comment on whether he had ever fought in an illegal Arena.


R'Tani, the Amorian pilot disgraced over the Cymlana incident, has sold her story of trying to rescue her passengers to CCTV, which is going to use it for its 'True Heroes' film series.


Amorian Television has released to us some rather poor quality video tapes which seem to show the reason that a new President is soon to be elected on Amoria. It is believed that they were taken on the President's own request during a recent sojourn on P5, and one of the new candidates is known to be the President's significant other. CCTV has no comment, except that government heads should be more careful, and at least not keep documentary evidence of infidelity in their own video player.


Tijd Blooker, of Blooker Arts, opened her new exhibition, Art from the Fringe, with one of her infamous parties on Hel. The exhibited pieces of art are available to buy.


The family of Zephyr, new Muat-Tien champion, have been brutally slaughtered in an outrage condemned by CCTV and the Algol government. Zephyr is convinced that the beaten champion, Helyan combatant Rampage, is directly responsible, and has challenged him to deadly combat.

<UPDATE> Rampage accepted deadly combat to prove his innocence, and has been ripped limb from limb by cybered opponent, champion Zephyr.

<UPDATE> Zephyr claims that he will take all challenges on the Muat-Tien fields. He welcomes deadly challenges particularly.


Ambassador Jerzad of the Zadani inspected the defence installations on the Xan 15-26 colony, and observed an evacuation drill of the colony. Reportedly all 1276 settlers managed to evacuate the colony within 13.56 Minutes. Do the Zadani know more than the rest of us?


M'Lanu, the famous Amorian pilot, challenged every pilot in CivCore to beat him in the Pentagram challenge, the traditional test for best piloting. Every participant has to collect a piece of rock from the old home planet of the Aamei, take a picture of the Old Oracle on Grangor, buy a souvenir on the moon of Illysthia, find a proof that he was on Hel, and must then be the first one to down a drink in the famous Virgin Bar at Virgus 8.



The Grand Mercantile Guild will elect a new Managing Director within the next three months. The Managing Director runs the central services, which provide commercial support to all members of the GMG. These are essentially:

The Managing Director is elected every five years by the members. Each member may cast as many votes as desired, each vote costing T 1,000,000.

The two major candidates are Mon Jamor and Bl'Tair. Jamor is generally considered to be the candidate of the large corporations, as he wants to continue in the current way, and is especially opposed to suggestions to introduce moral minimum standards for members to oblige. Tair wants to force the larger corporations to pay more to their host systems, and to introduce minimum moral standards for all members.

Not K'ran, the Secretary of the GMG is expected to resign his post if Tair wins. He has been Secretary for the last 69 years.

From the CCF

Following the Cymlana incident the CCF declared TCI Ultra Red, and deployed the First Wing to Shari, and the Second Wing to Keros 188. Admiral Leshjan just gave us an interview from Keros 188
Q: Admiral, how dangerous is the current situation.
A: Well, Jerema, let's put it this way, the threat to civilisation has never been greater for CivCore, since the CCF was created by Havena.
Q: Can we then still feel secure?
A: Without giving you any details, we have secured Shari and Keros 188, the two key routes into CivCore. I can asure you that Rear Admirals Ankash and Clyter are our best officers. Commodore Nimyekis doing an excellent job co-ordinating support forces from the Karellian Federation, the Zadani, Hel, the GMG, and other volunteers, and is using her ships to patrol smaller systems in the area. We will deal with them.
Q: Thank you very much for your time, Admiral.
A: It was a pleasure. We should have a drink in the Virgin after this is over.

Surveillance of the New Empire

The following information about the New Empire has become public knowledge, mostly due to data released by Sylus Kovar, a freelance jounalist, Shakes, a Clansman, and sennex of the handrahen.


(Mostly by Kovar. Video footage supplied)

Shortly after the last CivCore ships left the planet, the New Empire withdrew into orbit, and began taking Cymlana prisoners. Little changed for four days, after which time several new ships arrived in the Cymlana system. These carried extremely powerful weapons, and began a huge planetary bombardment. After this, the planet was coated in metal, bombarded again with energy weapons, recoated and left for dead. The entire process took a little over a week.

During this time, intruders to the system were vigourously held off by the New Empire fleet.

Once the planet had been 'sealed', most of the New Empire forces withdrew, leaving only a few ships, close to the jumpgate. These ships ignored any visitors to the planet, but warned other vessels against approaching the gate.

Algol 47

By the time anyone reached Algol, it had already been plated in the same manner as Cymlana.

The New Empire Fleet

(from sennex)

The main ships of the New Empire are small (around 40-50% of the size of a typical CivCore capital ship), but numbers are unknown. They are not unusually fast or manoeverable. Their fighter cover is poor (20-30%). Their main armaments are powerful, but just as short ranged as those in CivCore. Their jump drives are far more accurate than those of CivCore. They do not use jumpgates.

Additionally, there are planetary bombardment, and metal-plating vessels. These two types of ship are far larger, but do not seem suited for combat.

The Matrix

The Matrix is in fact functioning normally, both in Cymlana and Algol 47. Communications seem to have been lost due to the destruction of all matrix connections in the areas as a result of the planetary bombardment and metal plating (note that Algol 47 was occupied only by automated remote drones). New matrix connections brought into either system seem to work perfectly.

Jump Gates

Both jump gates still exist, as do their matrix connections. However, no ship has dared to use them due to the reports of New Empire Guards.

New Empire Supply Center

(from Shakes)

Around 20 light years outwards from Algol 47, there is a major New Empire supply installation, consisting of an unsealed planetoid in an obscure, nameless system, and several ships and stations in orbit. The system is heavily guarded by large numbers of the 'standard' Imperial ships. Also in the system are a number of sets of bombardment and metalling equipment.

The guarding forces are alert and agressive. They were able to prevent Shakes from getting a particularly close view. However, they do not seem to be preparing for an advance in the near future: over the course of three months the invasion fleet has remained at the base.