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ICON News 2

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ICON News 2


There was another meeting of the individuals present on Cymlana when it was attacked. This was held in a plush virtual conference centre in the Matrix, hosted by an unknown figure called ICON who did not appear in person. A representative of the Imperium of Zhan was present, as was the Emissary of the New Empire. The meeting reached a climactic close as word reached one of our reporters that a Zhanian fleet massed on the border of CivCore...


The Skithrass refugees from Cymlana have moved from Shari to the Karellian Federation, where they have been welcomed with open arms and integrated into existing colonies. Karellia is rapidly becoming a haven for Skithrass, who are immigrating in huge numbers: there is even talk of an independent Skithrass state on a colonised planet. The Skithrass have not, however, entirely escaped controversy: there are rumours that they left Shari with a lot more in the way of valuables than they arrived with.


Reports have been flooding in of Zhanian fleets moving into position in orbit around Zhan Gateway, Xeros 188, Aa'mey and Algol. The ships are reported to be enormous, slow moving, hideously beweaponed behemoths. Rumour has it that the troops - the so-called Ragma - have been raiding the local populations for food, demanding accommodation, and stealing anything else the planet has to offer. Any who refuse to cooperate are declared "allies of the New Empire" and murdered. 27/2/3/1, spokesman for the Imperium, firmly denies such rumours.


The scientific community of the newly discovered society of Rocarna has been stirred by the publication of "Aliens and Rocarna: A Comparison", by the respected biologist Duonin. Rocarna quickly forbade the book to be allowed to leave the planet, but we have managed to procure one of the copies that escaped. Choice phrases include:

"All the data available suggests that the alien races of the galaxy are not even comparable to the lowest of our caste..."

"It is true that they make sounds that could be considered as a language, but these can easily be explained as the expression of emotion, together with a certain product of the digestive system, as I shall now demonstrate..."

"In the universe we are destined to rule, these aliens shall be our workers..."

When asked if this book represented the views of all Rocarnans, Ambassador Elegis refused to comment.


Mon Jamor, the favourite to win the Managing Directorship of the GMG, has been killed while on the campaign trail. Mr. Jamor was visiting an insurance firm on Hel when Zephyr, the current Muat-Tien champion, attacked him. Zephyr was quickly dispatched by security guards, but too late. The second candidate, Bl'Tair, has expressed his sorrow at the loss of 'a deeply honourable opponent'.


The Amorian R'Tani is becoming a public heroine as a result of the CCTV 'True Heroes' documentary. Despite pressure to complete her contract, R'Tani selflessly rescued twenty helpless Cymlana as their planet was destroyed around their cute fuzzy ears. 'I love R'Tani' badges and R'Tani stuffed toys are selling well across CivCore. The Amorian government, however, still maintains that her actions were reprehensible.


Nothing seems to stop the steady advance of the New Empire. Their ships appeared in the Shari system without a word of warning, and attacked the major GMG base there. Within minutes, it was destroyed and the CCF guards forced to retreat. The New Empire immediately set up position around the jump gate, and waited. The Zhanian fleet rose to the challenge, and four days later their fleets attempted to enter Shari. The first few ships to come through were destroyed or crippled, and the remainder forced to retreat. Since then, activity among the Zhanian fleets has doubled. General Lakh of the Ragma, who was leading the attack, refused to comment.


For the first time, members of the Clans are officially opening their doors to other races at their yearly Trade Fair. The Clan hosting this time, who have arranged to hold the Fair in the Virgus system, which boasts the famous Virgin Bar, are Clan Irnabe, one of the smaller Clans suspected to deal in weapons. As usual, there is an amnesty on all inter-Clan feuds at this time. Any non-Clan visitor is urged to take care, but is assured of an exciting and interesting time.


Rear Admiral Ankash of the CCF visited the so called New Empire on a diplomatic mission. He managed to get their agreement to give planets they will plate more than 10 minutes warning, but they will not spare any planets. This diplomatic mission did not, however, prevent the New Empire from attacking a large CCF fleet when 'visiting' Shari.


Two new sensations have hit the Muat-Tien. The first is Maelstrom, a complete newcomer who has defeated several middle-league fighters, including Icebox and Thuderbeast. Apparently someone had confidence in him: the bookmakers lost heavily on his first few fights and have since shortened his odds considerably.

The Shari Riders, a cavalry unit, have won 15 team fights in a row. Many visitors complain however that they are never involved in any lethal fights.


The Handrehan, sennex, has been spotted buying objets d'art at Tijd Blooker's gallery. When questioned, he responded that 'True art crosses boundaries of species and even principle element. Tijd Blooker is simply the best art dealer in CivCore'.


There seems to be a state of out and out war developing between Clans Irnabe and Xitra, and the other Clans are rapidly taking sides, following the debacle at the Trade Fair in which a Xitra vessel was attacked and robbed as it was leaving the Virgus system. The conflict is steadily escalating, Irnabe insisting that the Xitra vessel was technically beyond their remit at the point at which it was attacked, Xitra claiming that the spirit of the Fair has been compromised and insisting on reparations for their dead clansmen.


CCTV's documentary has touched the hearts and minds of races all over CivCore. Remember: 'The Mesh are still fighting their deadlocked war at the edge of the universe. They could be finally overcome by Voration any day: experts believe it is only a matter of time. But there may yet be hope if Jezad's plans to plug the rupture in the fabric of space with a continuous energy flow can be made reality. We urge all beings concerned with the welfare of the universe to give generously to MESH AID and strike a blow against the collapse of everything.'


The single remaining candidate in the GMG elections, Bl'Tair, has been implicated in the assassination of his opponent. Documents found in the home of the assassin, Zephyr, leave no doubt as to Bl'Tair's complicity. In an additional surprise announcement, Mon Jamor has been posthumously disqualified for vote-rigging. A tribunal has asked GMG secretary K'Ran to act as Managing Director until he considers it safe to hold another election.


Following the clash above Shari between CCF and New Empire, the New Empire holds the jumpgate in that system and have established what seems to be a diplomatic colony on Shari, which is making moves towards negotiation with the Pariahs. The Emissary has been sighted at the colony.


Troubled times are ahead. You need to defend yourself. I can provide you with everything you need. Arms for any purpose, no questions asked. Leave messages at node -- Xylo Treem


The unknown RacerZ, in a peculiar white, spiked ship, has won the Galactic Enterprises and Mining Pentagram Challenge. Although the ship is marked with Zadani letters, RacerZ himself is certainly not a member of their race, appearing rather insectoid. RacerZ beat off strong opposition from two Amorians: R'Tani and M'Lanu, and the Clansman known as Shakes. Rather weaker bids were made by Johnny Vlarg and Funky Banana.


Johnny Vlarg came to the rescue when Shakes of Clan Xitra was attacked in the middle of the Pentagram Challenge by a man accusing him of stealing his wife. The woman was not to be found on the ship, and Shakes eventually came second in the Challenge, obviously shaken by this encounter. Vlarg's diversion caused him to come in last, but as he says 'It is every citizen's right to go really really fast, but it is more important to right a wrong.'


After causing havoc on Amoria, the massive pink brothel was sighted outside Illisthia even before it had left Amorian space. This puzzled reporters for quite a while until they were introduced to some of the famous P5 cocktails and decided that with that much alcohol, anything was possible. An unexciting sojourn near Illisthia was followed by a noteworthy and debauched trip to Hel... The Helyan government have expressed a welcome for P5 and an enthusiasm for the increase in intergalactic tourism it has brought to the planet.


The Zadani Government has sent official representatives to both the Empire of Zhan, and the so-called New Empire.


The Grand Mercantile Guild is facing major problems. The Kontor space station at Shari was completely destroyed by the New Empire in an apparently motiveless attack, leaving the GMG without major facilities in the area. The acting Managing Director Not K'Ran despised this aggressive act, and offered the Empire of Zhan their full support against the New Empire. The Kontor stations at A'Amey and Zhan Gateway have been fortified.


A new terrorist group calling themselves the Interplanetary Criminal Syndicate have started a reign of fear in CivCore. Millions died when the nuclear power stations on the backward planet of Barenor exploded, having been primed by a far greater technological ability. Johnny Vlarg, who seemed to have prior knowledge of the event, managed to prevent one such disaster, but could not halt the tide of carnage which spread across the planet. The government of Barenor has blamed Vlarg for not warning them of the danger and instead trying to deal with it himself.


Scientists from various races have been examining the metal-coated planet of Cymlana. Although New Empire ships are in the system, they have made no aggressive moves on the scientists. No signs of alien technology have been detected on the planet, which seems to have had metal drawn from its centre and crust to form the covering. There are speculations that the covering may be meant to protect whatever the contents of the planet now are. See our documentary tonight: 'Inside Cymlana: After the Fall'.


After his exposure to radioactivity on Barenor, Intergalactic Super Hero Johnny Vlarg has been exhibiting incredible new powers. Vlarg now even seems to be able to live quite happily in vacuum... Agent Solomon McShifty has taken this as an opportunity to get Vlarg lucrative merchandising and sponsorship deals, and Vlarg's teeth sparkle from the side of most toothpaste tubes and gleam from calendars and sports wear company adverts. Vlarg's only comment on his new-found powers: 'With great power goes great responsibility'.


Following the difficulties attending the GMG Elections, the Muat-Tien grounds have found themselves without a champion. The Algol insist that the post will remain vacant until a suitably impressive contest between individuals can be set up, the victor of which contest will become champion. The highly lucrative contest, on which bets are already being placed, will take place in a few months when potential champions have applied and been trained.


There are rumours that a peace movement is on the rise in CivCore, protesting against New Empire, Imperium and CCF troops indiscriminately.