Termcard - Hilary 2014

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Regular Events

Society Game: Maleficarum
Tuesdays 7.30 PM, Location: Daubeny Laboratory, Magdalen College

Maleficarum is the one term Society Game in which players take the roles of magic users in a society where magic use is heavily discouraged and hidden away from public view, following an amnesty between the “Witch Hunters” and their quarry after the horrific Witch Hunts of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries.

The resulting branch of MI6 - HM Magical Regulator (aka “The Hammer”) - and the magic users collectively known as “The Wytches” proceed to work together in harmony for centuries, until one fateful day in 2014, when the Grand Inquisitor is killed. Magic is revealed to the public, the truce is off, and the Hammer is cracking down hard. In a desperate attempt to react and deal with the threat, the Wytches meet together again in secret "Covens", where players must work out how to act to defend their world from the threat of The Hammer as well as threats from within to decide the fate of Magic itself.

For more information see the site maleficarum.chaosdeathfish.com.

LARP: Memento Mundi
Saturdays 11am, Location: the Magic Cafe on Magdalen Street

Memento Mundi is a Fantasy Live-Action Role-Playing game (aka “fantasy LARP”) run in Shotover Country Park in Oxford (UK) on Saturday afternoons. It's a high combat Sword & Sorcery fare in the usual linear LARP mould, set in a world reeling in the aftermath of a metaphysical remaking known as the Upheaval. We aim to be welcoming to casual players and students on a tight budget, so running around having fun is more important to us than anything else.

For more information see the site mementomundi.chaosdeathfish.com or contact the LARP Organiser Dan Avery

Sundays 2pm, Location: Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Various tabletop role-playing games run in weekly sessions. There will be one-shots run from a wide range of systems and genres, so just turn up and take part in a game. For more information contact the Tabletop Organiser, Laurence Phillips.

Special Events

Pub Crawl
Friday 4th Week (23rd May)

Join us for an evening of socialising as we tour through some of Oxford’s finest drinking establishments. A full list of pubs will be published closer to the event.

Termly General Meeting
Sunday 4th Week, Location: TBC

In which motions may be raised and voted upon and, importantly, deciding upon a two-term Society Game for next year.