Termcard - Hilary 2014

Regular Events

Society Game: Ragnarok
Tuesdays 7.30 PM, East Seminar Room, Mansfield College

Ragnarok is a two-term society game based inspired by Norse Mythology, comics and (very) soft Sci Fi . In the year 2050 members of the United Nations Inter-Terrestial Exploration Department open a portal to what they expected to be an alternate Earth. Instead they find themselves in Asgard and their arrival awakens the gods from a mystic slumber triggering the countdown to Ragnarok. Players can choose to play either unknown gods of Asgard or the human team-members of UNITED. Both groups seek to prepare for the oncoming Ragnarok (which will hit in Week 8) and then to deal with its fallout.

Website: ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com/

LARP: Memento Mundi
Saturdays, meeting at 10.00 AM at the Magic Café

A high combat linear Sword & Sorcery game, set in a world reeling in the aftermath of a metaphysical remaking known as the Upheaval. We aim to be welcoming to casual players and students on a tight budget, so running around having fun is more important to us than anything else.

Website: mementomundi.chaosdeathfish.com

Sundays at 2.00 PM, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

One shots from a variety of tabletop systems are run weekly, just turn up and play. Several board games are also available.

Special Events

Pub Crawl
Friday 5th Week (21st February) 7pm

Join us on a tour of the pubs around central Oxford. More information will be sent out by the Social Secretary on the general mailing list closer to the time.

Annual General Meeting
Sunday 5th Week (16th February) 2pm, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College

Voting on new committee members and any motions for the society.

RPGSoc Annual Banquet
Friday 7th Week (7th March), Portabello Restaurant, Summertown

Our annual black tie (or whatever makes you feel pretty) event. Come for the food, stay for the speeches.