Termcard - Trinity 2016

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Regular Events

Princess - Society Game

Tuesdays 7:30pm, Gibbs Room (1­-4, 8) and Royce Griffiths Room (5­-7), Keble College

The cold vacuum of space is an unforgiving place. A tiny fracture in the hull of a ship can easily grow into a huge rip that depressurises the entire ship and vents the oxygen in space; a small fuel miscalculation and a ship can end up stranded in the vastness of space; or a bullet to the head just when medical supplies have run out ... death can come suddenly, without warning and without meaning.

Princess is the Trinity 2016 Society Game for OURPSoc. Players play crew on spaceships fleeing​ Earth's destruction, searching for a new life in space. An exploratory fleet has gone ahead of them, which they are heading to meet with, while being sure they have not brought any of Earth's problems with them...

For more information see the site princess.chaosdeathfish.com.

Memento Mundi - LARP

Saturdays 11am, The Magic Café, Magdalen Road

Memento Mundi is the society's ongoing LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) campaign on Saturdays where players act out their characters, battles and adventures of a brilliant fantasy setting in the beautiful Shotover Country Park. It's an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, an exciting system, and always welcoming of new players to a great group. There are also a number of special events coming up well worth going to (see further in termcard).

For more information see the site mementomundi.chaosdeathfish.com or contact the LARP Organiser Dan Avery ft. Tom Lear.

Tabletop Games

Sundays 2pm, Brasenose College, Lecture Room VII

Various tabletop role­playing games run in weekly sessions. There will be one­shots run from a wide range of systems and genres, so just turn up and take part in a game. For more information contact the acting Tabletop Organiser, Andrew Kenyon-Roberts. If you are interested in becoming a more permanent and semi­stable Tabletop Organiser, please also contact Tom Lear or Matilda Tempest. We are desperate.

The society also has a large number of people who play and run their own tabletop games, come along to one of our events to find out more.

Special Events

Pub Crawl

Friday of 4th Week (20th May)

Join us for an evening of socialising as we tour through some of Oxford’s finest drinking establishments. A full list of pubs will be published closer to the event.

Night LARP

Saturday of 4th week (21st May)

Conveniently, the LARP following the pub crawl will be at night, giving you a full day to recover from the pub crawl hangover. Come join us for an evening of running around the woods and enjoying the warmer temperatures that come with it being sort of summer (hopefully).

Summer Picnic in University Parks

Saturday of 7th week (11th June)

Social event in the park. Meet roleplayers you don’t know, hang out with roleplayers you do know, and probably consume more food than really advisable. More details closer to the time, but casting rituals to eldritch horrors in exchange for nice weather can begin whenever you want.


Sunday of 5th week (28th May)

Come along to vote on issues for the society. The agenda will be confirmed by the Secretary closer to the time, and any items for that should be submitted to him as he specifies.