Termcard - Hilary 2017

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Regular Events

Omen - Society Game

Tuesdays 7:30pm, the chapel, Mansfield College (OX1 3TF)

Omen is the Michaelmas 2016/Hilary 2017 Society Game for OURPGSoc. Players take on the role of witches in the modern world, meeting in response to a rather concerning portent that appeared in the sky. The meetings will be attended by an assortment of individuals and groups; mostly witches, but sometimes also angels, demons, and the spirits of place known as Gaians. Some will be helpful or sympathetic. Others… less so.

Omen is a live freeform roleplaying game involving a large number of people. For more information see the site http://omen.chaosdeathfish.com.

Memento Mundi - LARP

Saturdays 10am, The Magic Cafe, Magdalen Road (OX4 1RQ)

Memento Mundi is the society's ongoing LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) campaign on Saturdays where players act out their characters, battles and adventures of a brilliant fantasy setting in the beautiful Shotover Country Park. It's an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, an exciting system, and always welcoming of new players to a great group. There are also a number of special events coming up well worth going to (see further in termcard).

For more information see the site mementomundi.chaosdeathfish.com or contact the LARP Organiser Tom Lear.

Tabletop Games

Sundays 2pm - 6pm, the OUSU Meeting Room (OX1 2BX)

Various tabletop role­playing games run in weekly sessions. There will be one­shots run from a wide range of systems and genres, so just turn up and take part in a game. For more information contact the Tabletop Organiser, Matilda Tempest.

The society also has a large number of people who play and run their own tabletop games, come along to one of our events to find out more.

Special Events

Pub Crawl

Friday of 4th Week (10th February), the Rusty Bicycle, Magdalen Road (OX4 1RQ)

Join us for an evening of socialising as we tour through some of Oxford's finest drinking establishments. A full list of pubs will be published closer to the event.

Night LARP

Saturday of 4th week (11th February), the Rusty Bicycle, Magdalen Road (OX4 1RQ)

Like an ordinary LARP, but at night! Meet at the Rusty Bicycle (opposite the Magic Cafe) at 6pm and end at between midnight and one. There’s a barbecue involved, and hopefully not too much by way of hard-to-see mud.


Saturday of 6th week, following LARP, location TBC but, let's be real here, probably the Mitre.

While hitting things with swords is fun, sometimes you just want to get down and do some talking. The freeform is a chance for planning, scheming and socialising between Memento Mundi characters, including those who might not get the chance to meet on a regular LARP.

OURPGSoc Banquet

Saturday of 7th week (4th March), Portobello Restaurant, Summertown

OURPGSoc's annual fancy dinner. Join us for an evening of dressing your best and hanging out with other roleplayers in a not-actively-roleplaying context. At least it's theoretically not actively roleplaying context but neither was the Christmas party. Also speeches from assorted members of the society.


Sunday of 5th week at 1pm, location TBC

Democracy in action. The Annual General Meeting is where the society votes on issues that will be important for the next year, notably the Trinity and Michaelmas/Hilary society games and members of the committee and other elected officials.