Termcard - Michaelmas 2015

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Regular Events

Misrule - Society Game

Tuesdays 7.30pm, Cooper Dean Room, St Hugh's College
Week 1: Character Generation
Week 2-8: Sessions

With the death of the King, England is left bereft of its most competent rulers, who followed Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine upon her Holy Crusade. England lies in the hands of the men and women who lacked sufficient power or favour to go with the Queen. Be they incompetent, cowardly, treacherous, or merely unlucky, England's fate now rests upon their heads. Whilst a miasma of fear lies over the common people, rumours spread that the King's mistress Rosamund Clifford has declared herself Regent, and - against all good conscience - formed a pact with the Faerie to 'help' the realm.

The Society Game format is a great one for new and old role-players alike, so do come along to find out more.

For more information see the site misrule.chaosdeathfish.com.

Reunion - Society Game

Wednesdays 7.30pm, Upstairs Function Room, The Mitre
Week 1, 3, 5, 7. 25 Player Limit: Sign up is first come first serve!

Investigate the mysteries of your past and the strange secrets of a desert motel you keep being brought back to.

For more information see the site reunion.chaosdeathfish.com.

Memento Mundi - LARP

Saturdays 11:00am (10am after Daylight Savings), The Magic Café, Magdalen Road

Memento Mundi is the society's ongoing LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) campaign on Saturdays where players act out their characters, battles and adventures of a brilliant fantasy setting in the beautiful Shotover Country Park.

It's an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, an exciting system, and always welcoming of new players to a great group. There are also a number of special events coming up well worth going to (see further in termcard).

For more information see the site mementomundi.chaosdeathfish.com or contact the LARP Organiser Dan Avery.

Tabletop Games

Sundays 2pm, Brasenose College

Various tabletop role-playing games run in weekly sessions. There will be one-shots run from a wide range of systems and genres, so just turn up and take part in a game. For more information contact the Tabletop Organiser, Laurence Phillips.

The society also has a large number of people who play and run their own tabletop games, come along to one of our events to find out more.

Special Events

Freshers Meet

12:30pm, Sunday 1st Week (11 October), The Mitre (upstairs function room)

Come along to meet the Society, find out what we're about and what's going on, and then stick around for the first Tabletops session of term!

Night LARP

Saturday 2nd Week (24 October)

"It's like LARP, but at night!"

Take advantage of the full moon and come and join us in the early evening to get to know each other before a Memento Mundi adventure in the night.

Hallowe'en Party

Friday 3rd Week (30 October) Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College

Roleplayers are renowned for their exquisite taste in costuming and as such Hallowe'en is an excellent time to celebrate it! Come along for a good time and great fun! Details to be released closer to the time by our Social Sec.

Christmas Party

Friday 8th Week (4 December) Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College

Like the Hallowe'en Party but for the Festive Season and end of term rather than Things That Go Bump in the Night. Details to be released closer to the time by our Social Sec.


Sunday 5th Week (8 November)
Provisionally: 1pm, Daubeny Laboratory, Magdalen College

Come along to vote on issues for the society. The agenda will be confirmed by the Secretary closer to the time, and any items for that should be submitted to her as she specifies.