Termcard - Trinity 2018

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Regular Events

Firmament - Society Game

Tuesdays 7:30pm, Vernon Harcourt Room, St. Hildas's College

“…it grew and grew until even the lowest of beasts raised its head in anticipation of the cataclysm that was to come. No cataclysm though, not something so earthly. Yet instead the very firmament above our heads was torn asunder, and so passed through these colossi.”

The Society Game is an OURPGSoc tradition that falls somewhere between LARP, play-by-email and tabletops. It encourages players to turn up every week during term time and have fun interacting with each other (usually plotting deviously behind each other's backs) before submitting their plans to a team of GMs, who get back to them before the next session saying how that goes.

The Trinity term 2018 society game is Firmament. Players will play important inhabitants of the Royalty of Esharia as they attempt to deal with the world-shaking knowledge that they are not alone in the universe and that an unknown people has torn open the sky above their country. For more information, see http://firmament.chaosdeathfish.com.

Animus - LARP

Saturdays 11am, The Magic Cafe, Magdalen Road (OX4 1RQ)

There was an Empire, once.

Animus is the society’s ongoing LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) campaign. Players act out their characters’ battles and adventures in a brilliant fantasy setting/the beautiful Shotover Country Park. It’s an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, an exciting new system, and always welcoming of new players.

Animus currently features the internal politics of the grand, ossifying city of Rastaban before its citizens venture out to attempt to reclaim its old empire. For more information, see http://animus.chaosdeathfish.com or contact the LARPOs, Mat and Seb, at gm@animus.chaosdeathfish.com, or at the LARP Organiser address: Seb Atay and Matthew Andrews.

Tabletop Games

Sundays 2pm - 6pm, Location TBC (probably Mansfield Seminar East)

Various tabletop role­playing games run in weekly sessions. There will be one­shots run from a wide range of systems and genres, so just turn up and take part in a game.

Note that tabletops may not be able to run every week this term due to the lack of a TABLO – when tabletops aren’t running, an email saying so will be sent to the mailing list. For more information, contact the RPGSoc Committee at rpgsoc-com@maillist.ox.ac.uk

The society also has a large number of people who play and run their own tabletop games, come along to one of our events to find out more.

Special Events

Pub Crawl

Friday 4th Week (18th May), 7pm. Route TBC.

What it says on the tin –an evening touring a selection of Oxford’s finest drinking establishments and socialising along the way. An excellent opportunity to get to know people when they aren’t playing horrible villains. A full list of pubs will be published closer to the event.

Termly General Meeting

Sunday of 5th week (20th May), 1pm, location TBC

Democracy! Come along to discuss and vote on issues relevant to the society, then stick around for tabletops if you’d like. The agenda will be sent round closer to the time –please send any motions you wish to discuss to the secretary as he specifies.

Aniums Freeform

Saturday of 7th week (9th June), evening, location TBC

Animus characters take a break from running around hitting things with swords to scheme, plot, and/or socialise! More details closer to the time.

Summer Picnic

Sunday of 7th Week (3rd June), 3pm onwards, location TBC

Social event in the park. Expect a selection of lovely people, lots of food, and a high probability of silly games and/or shenanigans. More details closer to the time.

Animus 36hr Event (Summer Vacation)

20th-22nd July, location TBC

Animus but bigger, bolder, and for an entire weekend. Anyone is welcome (even if you haven’t attended LARP before)! Join us for the formal ending of the Edict of Isolation, as citizens attempt to forge a path outside the city for the first time in a millennia.