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Reading Lists for the M.Phil in Modern Middle East Studies


M.Phil. Seminar Syllabus, 2009

Option Reading Lists:
Supplementary Seminar Reading Lists:*  
    Anthropology: The Field and Fieldwork   History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1979-2005  
Area Studies   History of the Middle East, 1860-1970
Code Switching between Arabic and Other Languages   History of Turkey, 1908-1980
    Culture and Politics   International Relations of the Middle East
    Language and Community in the Arab World   Iranian History from the Constitutional to the Islamic Revolution, 1905-1979
      Israel: State, Society, Identity
      Islam in the Middle East in the Twentieth Century
      The Maghreb since 1830
      Mass Media in the Middle East
      North African Politics
      Political Economy of the Middle East
      Political Islam, Islamism, and Modern Islamic Movements
      Politics in the Middle East
      Social Anthropology of the Middle East

Special Papers**


Cities and Societies in the Middle East

      Available in Hilary Term, 2010  
    Research Methods in Middle Eastern Studies  
      Available in Trinity Term, 2010  
    Cyber Politics in the Middle East  
      Available in Trinity Term, 2010  

*Supplementary reading lists for the M.Phil. Seminar are intended to be guides to methodological or conceptual literature within the field of Middle Eastern studies and beyond. These can be used as suggestions for further reading in the seminar, and may also be of use in helping students to frame their theses later in the course.

**A "special paper" is taught and examined the same way as the regularly offered course options. M.Phil. students can substitute only one special paper for one of the regular options.