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Tutorial Essays for Oxford BA in Theology

Written in the last century, these essays were originally intended to be handed to students after a tutorial on the subject. They make no pretence to completion or infallibility, but they may be useful as a preliminary instrument of study..

- Mark for Prelims
- Synoptic Gospels
- Paul & John



Mark for Prelims

Introductory letter
Mark Bibliography

Mark and the Disciples
Form-Criticism in Mark
The Messianic Secret in Mark
Mark's View of Jesus
Why was Jesus crucified?
The Parables in Mark
The Historical Jesus


Synoptic Gospels

Bibliography for Synoptic Gospels

Fingerprinting Matthew
The Kingdom of God in Matthew
Matthew's Teaching on Eschatology
Matthew's Passion Narrative
Universalism of Luke

Bibliography on Luke

The Parables of the Synoptic Gospels
The Synoptic Problem
Synoptic Passages of Exegesis


Paul & John

Bibliography for John & Paul

The Composition of John
Johannine Christology

Plans of Romans

Why did Paul write Romans
Paul's teaching on the Law in Romans
Paul and the Second Adam

What were Paul's Chief Concerns in 1 Corinithians?
Paul's Teaching on the Body of Christ
Is Paul's teaching on the Resurrection compatible with the Gospels?

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