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Can London Keep Its Advantage as an International Financial Centre?

London remains part of a central node in the global geography of international finance. Unless its financial institutions can adopt to the needs of Chinese customers, London might lose its edge. In this working paper, we look at the way one of London's rivals (Hong Kong) might adapt. We particularly look at the way that a macroeconomic/banking shock might help London -- by hurting Hong Kong.


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Making Business Work Better

In this research stream, I look at ways of making emerging market business work better. In this collection of four policy briefs, I look at how to deepen wealth management markets, where to locate an emerging markets headquarters, at the amount of required infrastructure, and how to build shadow banking markets. Each of these briefs -- written for the Skolkovo Institute for Emerging Market Studies -- provide the academic and empirical grounding for decisions about competing in emerging markets.



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Anti-Corruption Law

In the last decade, countries have struggled with new and innovative ways to fight corruption. Many of these involve changes at the legislative and regulatory levels. Much of my research has focused on ways of drafting "better" laws. We also discuss ways of aligning parliamentarians' incentives to pass optimal laws.



Writing Executive Agency Codes of Conduct

Codes of conduct became fashionable in the 1990s and 2000s -- then rightly fell out of fashion. What does academic research and the data show about how can executive agency officials write these codes?


Code of Conduct Law in Romania - describes how to draft a law which governs the way codes of conduct work (using Romania as an example).


Implementing Codes in the OECD - reviews how OECD Members' governments do (and should!) write codes of conduct.


Ethics-Related Administrative Law - how can administrative law deal with the strictures of public officials' conduct? We answer this question.



Understanding Investment

The rich are like the rest of us -- only they invest their money differently. In a series of articles, I have looked at foreign investment in the US. I have also looked at the way high-net worth individuals grow their portfolios -- both in general and in the Middle East. I have also looked at the way pension funds represent a growing influence for social good in Turkey. Of course, one of the largest and most recent studies involves the effects of corporate governance on investment in Hong Kong.





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