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  Using Cat 5 Leads for Things You Shouldn't:  
  Now, I have to say that cat5 computer network cable has found it's way into many different locations and I have, on several occasions found myself using those usefully placed runs in a less-than-intended way. Here's what I have established:


  The "SimCat5" Cabling standards:

SimCat5 Audio:
A versatile stereo audio connection designed for use throughout the world:
EIA/TIA 568B Standard:

Pin Number Colour Audio Connection
1 White / Orange Ground
2 Orange Ground
3 White / Green Ground
4 Blue  + ve LEFT
5 White / Blue  - ve LEFT
6 Green Ground
7 White / Brown  + ve RIGHT
8 Brown  - ve RIGHT

OH VERY CLEVER I hear you shout, he's picked some pins at random.

But no! The design above can be used with BOTH EIA/TIA 568B and 568A standards and is interchangeable. This means it can be used with "crossover" type cat5 leads just as happily as straight through pin-pin leads.

UNBALANCED equipment should ground pins 5 and 8. By then using pins 4 and 7 you obtain the best possible "shielding" :o) from the twist in the cable.

 You to can make cables of this quality!





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