© Oxford University Greek Society 2011 | All rights reserved. EVENTS TERMCARD UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD The Oxford University Greek Society aims to bring students from both Greece and Cyprus together for  cultural, social and academic gatherings - providing both support for students and an opportunity to  network with both fellow students and society guests from both Greece and further afield. The society aims to:   Foster awareness and appreciation of Greece within the University of Oxford. Create a support network for students from Greece, and those with Greek connections Promote the cultures of Greece including language, literature, visual arts, music, the performing   arts, and sport, in the spirit of inclusivity and with the goal of mutual understanding.  The society was founded in 1968, and ever since has been extremely active within the University. Events  related to Greece are more accessible than ever before to students and staff. The society allows us to  share our rich culture and heritage with those around us.  To make the society more responsive to the University’s large Greek population, the society has close  ties with SEESOX. SEESOX provides students with the opportunity to discuss contemporary and  contentious issues which affect Greece and south east Europe, such as politics, education, economics  and health, in a constructive and stimulating way.   Welcome! Oxford University Greek Society