Selected Publications

(2016). Ordering Gold Nanoparticles with DNA Origami Nanoflowers. In ACS Nano.

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(2012). Quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of chemically different atomic species with widely tunable interactions. In Phys. Rev. A, Rapid.

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(2011). Strongly interacting isotopic Bose-Fermi mixture immersed in a Fermi sea. In Phys. Rev. A, Rapid.

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2D DNA self-assembled surfaces

DNA self-assembled surfaces as templates for liquid crystal modulators

Bose-Fermi Mixture Immersed in a Fermi Sea

Triply quantum degenerate mixture of bosonic $^{41}$K and two fermionic species, $^{40}$K and $^{6}$Li.

Bottom-up synthesis of catalytic nanomotors

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DNA Nanoflowers

DNA Origami-guided gold nanoparticle lattices with flexible control of valency and bond angles

DNA autocatalytic chemical waves

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Enzymatic nanomotors carrying a DNA cargo

Bioconjugation of enzymatic nanomotors to biocompatible cargoes

Nanoimpact voltammetry of enzymatic nanomotors

Catalase nanomotor activity detected on Boron-doped-diamond (BDD) ultramicroelectrode


Physics degree courses

Current courses:

I currently teach the following courses at several Oxford Colleges.

Academic year 2017-2018:

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Submit your homework in the “S” mailbox at the Clarendon Laboratory.

Past teaching:

  • Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics (Hertford College) MT 2016, HT 2017 and TT 2017
  • Fluids, Flows and Complexity (Wadham College) TT 2017
  • Biophysics (Wadham College, Worcester College, Lady Margaret Hall) 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Physics Teaching Laboratories (Department of Physics) 2013, 2014, 2015

  • Lecturer at the Life Science Doctoral Training Centre (2014)
    Introduction to Physics for Life Science Graduate Students:
    Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics

  • Oxbridge Academic Programs (Physics Faculty, 2015)

  • Teaching assistant at the MIT Physics Department
    Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics II (8.422) Spring 2011
    Classical Mechanics (8.012) Fall 2009

Teaching certifications