About the Oxford University Scientific Society

The current committee

The activity required to maintain the smooth running of the society is provided by the Committee, a group of selfless, CV-obsessed individuals devoted to running the society, ensuring that the speakers turn up and are fed, ensuring that more speakers turn up for next term, ensuring that the audience turns up, putting up pretty posters, and sending out emails to alert everyone of what the Society will do next.

Senior MemberProfessor Kay Davies FRS (Genetics)
PatronProfessor Peter Atkins (Chemistry)
PatronProfessor Colin Blakemore (Physiology)
PatronProfessor Richard Dawkins (Zoology)
PatronProfessor Sir Roger Penrose (Mathematics)
PresidentSophi Shanmuganathan (St Hugh's)
Vice PresidentLeon (Queen's)
SecretaryAimee Guha Roy (LMH)
TreasurerTomas Halgas (Univ.)
Membership SecretaryJane Duncan (St Hugh's)
Sponsorship SecretariesJakub Sowa (Hertford) and Avi Roy
Publicity SecretaryPeter Gleeson (Magdalen)
Events CoordinatorAvi Roy
AV OfficersWharton Chan (Pembroke) and Leon (Wei Kong) (Queen's)
IT OfficerJoe Loughry (St Cross)

Previous members of the Oxford University Scientific Society committee can be seen in the Committee archive.

Join the committee

There is a high turnover of committee members, so we are constantly seeking committed, resourceful people to join the team of students who are responsible for the running of one of Oxford's oldest and largest societies. There are a variety of posts available catering for different skills and interests. If there are none you like, we can invent one for you. Everyone is welcome at committee meetings. Elections for next term will take place after the last lecture of each term (this year in Week 8, Wednesday 6th March 2013).

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