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Hilary Term 2015
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 21st January 2015 from approximately 1900 to 2200Thirsty Meeples!SciSoc social at Thirsty Meeples!SciSoc social at Thirsty Meeples!
Second Week — Wednesday 28th January 2015 at 8:15pmICLProfessor Artur Ekert‘The Ultimate Physical Limits of Privacy’
Third Week — Wednesday 4th February 2015 at 8:15pmICLMichael Clare‘What lies beneath — exploring our deep seas and understanding the hazards’
Fifth Week — Wednesday 18th February 2015 at 6pmBrown's Restaurant on Woodstock RoadDinner with Professor Marcus du Sautoy OBE‘Dinner with Patron ’
Sixth Week — Thursday 26th February 2015 at 8:15pmICLProfessor Alex Halliday FRS‘The Origin of the Moon’
Seventh Week — Wednesday 4th March 2015 at 8:15pmICLProfessor Sir Martyn Poliakoff CBE FRS‘Old Solvents: New Solutions?’
Eighth Week — Wednesday 11th March 2015 at 8:15pmICLProfessor Russell Foster CBE FRS FMedSci‘TBA’
Michaelmas Term 2014
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 8:15pmICLColin Bruce, author and physicist‘Fusion: A New Dawn’
Second Week — Wednesday 22nd October 2014 at 8:15pmICLDr Tristam Wyatt, University of Oxford‘Human pheromones: are we the scented ape?’
Fourth Week — Wednesday 5th November 2014 at 8:15pmICLJamie Bartlett, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media‘The Dark Net: what happens under the conditions of anonymity?’
Sixth Week — Wednesday 19th November 2014 at 8:15pmICLGeorgina Ferry, Science Oxford‘Choices and chances: Dorothy Hodgkin's path to the Nobel Prize’
Seventh Week — Wednesday 26th November 2014 at 8:15pmICLAdrian Hill, the Jenner Institute‘Vaccines against Malaria and Ebola’
Trinity Term 2014
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 30th April 2014 at 8:15pmICLProfessor Doyne Farmer, Oxford Martin School‘An evolutionary view of technological progress’
Second Week — Wednesday 7th May 2014 at 8:15pmICLProfessor Sir Rory Collins, Oxford Medical Sciences Division‘Statins: a simple story, so why the confusion?’
Third Week — Wednesday 14th May 2014 at 8:10pmICLEric Lerner, LPPFusion‘Crowdfunding Fusion—Focus Fusion as the Short Route to Fusion Power’
Fourth Week — Wednesday 21st May 2014 at 8:10pmICLDr Stephen L. Hicks, University of Oxford‘Enhancing Sight for Blind Individuals’
The Annual General Meeting of the Oxford University Scientific Society will be held after Dr Hicks' talk this Wednesday to faciliate our committee elections for Michaelmas term! If you are interested in running for a position, do come to the meeting to tell us what you are interested in doing for SciSoc! Currently we have the standard positions of:
  1. Vice-President
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Membership Secretary
  5. A/V Officer
  6. Publicity Officer
  7. Sponsorship Officer
  8. IT Officer
up for grabs! If you don't think any of those positions suit your interests/skills, do tell us about it and we'll see if we can tailor a specific job scope for you! The SciSoc will be expanding in the year to come so we definitely need more crazy excited people who are passionate about all things scientific to be on board with us!
Hilary Term 2014
When Where Who What
First Week — THURSDAY 23rd January 2014 at 8.15pmClarendon Laboratory, Oxford (Lindemann Lecture Theatre) Note: different locationDr Eric Drexler“Remaking the 21st Century”
Second Week — Wednesday 29th January 2014 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS, University of Oxford“Are we Seeing Signals from Before the Big Bang?”
Third Week — Wednesday 5th February 2014 at 8.15pmICLDr Patricia Fara, University of Cambridge“Erasmus Darwin, evolution and slavery”
Fourth Week — Wednesday 12th February 2014 at 8.15pmICLSir Tim Hunt FRS, Cancer Research UK London Research InstituteHow to Win a Nobel Prize — The secret of cell division
Fifth Week — Wednesday 19th February 2014 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Nicky Clayton FRS and Mr Clive Wilkins, University of Cambridge“The Door to Identity”
Sixth Week — Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 8.15pmICLDr Chris Lintott, University of Oxford“Tales from Zooniverse: the role of citizen science in modern research”
Seventh Week — Wednesday 5th March 2014 at 8.15pmICLDr Nick Lane, UCL (in conjunction with Oxford University Biological Society)The Improbable Origin of Complex Life
Eighth Week — Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Dame Carol Robinson DBE FRS, University of Oxford“Finding the right balance — from rare gases to rotary motors”
Michaelmas Term 2013
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 16th October 2013 at 8.15pmICLSir Iain Chalmers“Reducing waste in deciding what research to do”
Second Week — Wednesday 23rd October 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Sir John Ball FRS FRSE, University of Oxford“What can mathematics say about liquid crystals?”
Third Week — Wednesday 30th October 2013 at 8.15pmICLDr Alex Richardson, University of Oxford“CHANGING DIETS, CHANGING MINDS: The Importance of Nutrition for Mental Health, Performance and Wellbeing”
Fourth Week — Wednesday 6th November 2013 at 8.15pmICLDr Nick Greeves, University of Liverpool“Chemistry: Live and in 3D”
Fifth Week — Wednesday 13th November 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Martin Raff FRS, UCL“An outsider's take on autism”
Sixth Week — Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 8.15pmICLDr Christiane Timmel, University of Oxford“A bird's eye view of the chemical compass — the chemistry of animal navigation in magnetic fields”
Seventh Week — Wednesday 27th November 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Lord May of Oxford FRS, University of Oxford“Stability and complexity in financial ecosystems”
Eighth Week — Wednesday 4th December 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor James Binney FRS, University of Oxford“Foundations of Quantum Mechanics”
Trinity Term 2013
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 24th April 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Chris Cooper, University of Essex"The Science behind Drugs and Doping in Sport"
Second Week — Wednesday 1st May 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Joe Sweeny, University of Huddersfield"Big Bad Pharma"
Third Week — Wednesday 8th May 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Lloyd Peck, British Antarctic Survey"Life in the Frozen State"
Fifth Week — Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at 8.15pmICLDr Eric Werner FLS, University of Oxford"Cancer's Hidden Networks"
Hilary Term 2013
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 16th January 2013 at 8.15pmICLJessica Richman"UBiome — Sequencing the Human Microbiome through Citizen Science (http://ubiome.com/)"
Second Week — Wednesday 23rd January 2013 at 7pm. Note it is at a different time!ICLProfessor Steve Jones, University College London"The Joy of Sect; rewriting the bible as a scientific textbook" (co-talk with the Oxford BioSoc)
Third Week — Wednesday 30th January 2013 at 8.15pmICLNeuroskeptic"Getting the Brain Wrong: on misunderstandings of neuroscience"
Fourth Week — Wednesday 6th February 2013 at 8.15pmICLDr Hugh Hunt, University of Cambridge"Boomerangs, Bouncing Balls and Spinny Things" — lecture with live demonstrations!
Sixth Week — Wednesday 20th February 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Robert Stockman, University of Nottingham"From Chemical Weapons to Chemotherapy: An Unexpected Journey"
Seventh Week — Monday 25th February 2013 at 7:00pm.

Note the unusual day, time, and place for this event!
This event is free and open to everyone.

Sheldonian Theatre

Please arrive by 18:30 to be seated.
Gary Taubes (author and journalist), Professor Philip James (President of the International Association for the Study of Obesity), and Professor Sir Richard Peto (Co-Director of the Clinical Trial Service Unit)"A debate titled ‘Sloth, gluttony or hormones?’ “This House believes hormones, not Calories, make us fat.” "
Seventh Week — Wednesday 27th February 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Gero Miesenböck, University of Oxford"Reengineering a Brain"
Eighth Week — Wednesday 6th March 2013 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Sir John Meurig Thomas, FRS, FREng, University of Cambridge"Unpredictability and Chance in Science and Technology"
Michaelmas Term 2012
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 10th October 2012 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Kieran Clarke"A new food group to improve physical performance and cognitive function: Helping human health"
Second Week — Wednesday 17th October 2012 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Ian Fleming"Short Cuts: Anecdotes from a Research Career"
Third Week — Wednesday 24th October 2012 at 7pm (note new time and location!)Martin Wood lecture theatre, Parks RoadMark Henderson, George Monbiot & Tracy Brown as a Panel Discussion"The Geek manifesto (a panel discussion)"
Fourth Week — Wednesday 31st October 2012 at 8.15pm.ICLLord Ronald Oxburgh"Energy for all—but from where?"
Fifth Week — Wednesday 7th November 2012 at 8.15pmICLDr Mark Oxborrow"MASER (microwave LASER) working at room temperature—for the first time"
Sixth Week — Wednesday 14th November 2012 at 8.15pmICLDr Harry Witchel"Reading the body language of engagement"
Seventh Week — Wednesday 21st November 2012 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Sir David Baulcombe"Small RNA—the dark matter of genetics"
(LECTURE POSTPONED due to illness.) Eighth Week — Wednesday 28th November 2012 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Lloyd Peck"Life in the frozen state"
Trinity Term 2012
When Where Who What
First Week — Wednesday 25th April 2012 at 7:00pm. Doors open 6:15pm. Note different time and place!Sheldonian TheatreThe Debate of the Ages: Dr Aubrey de Grey and Prof. Colin Blakemore, moderated by Prof. Sir Richard Peto"THIS HOUSE WANTS TO DEFEAT AGEING ENTIRELY"
Second Week — Wednesday 2nd May 2012 at 8.15pmICLDr Alison Foster, Oxford University Botanic Garden"The Botanic Garden — Your Modern Medicine Cabinet"
Third Week — Wednesday 9th May 2012 at 8.15pmICLProf. Marian Dawkins, University of Oxford"Optical Flow, Collective Behaviour, and Animal Welfare"
Fourth Week — Wednesday 16th May 2012 at 8.15pm. Note this lecture is at a different location!Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory lecture theatre, South Parks RoadDr Andrew Hanson, National Physical Laboratory"Confounding Colour Curiosities: the Science of Seeing Colour"
Fifth Week — Wednesday 23rd May 2012 at 8.15pmICLProf. David Nutt, Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs"How the Current Drug Laws Hold Back Science"
Hilary Term 2012
When Where Who What
First Week—Wednesday 18th January 2012 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Steve Jones"Incest and Folk Dancing: Two Things to Avoid"
Second Week—Wednesday 25th January 2012 at 8.15pmICLDr Michael de Podesta, National Physical Lab"How do you really know what the temperature is?"
Third Week—Wednesday 1st February 2012 at 8.15pmICLDr Peter Wothers, University of Cambridge"Gods, Devils and Alcohol—their influence in chemical nomenclature"
Fourth Week—Wednesday 8th February 2012 at 8.15pmICLDr Susanne Shultz, University of Oxford"Primate social evolution: new perspectives on an old question"
Fifth Week—Wednesday 15th February 2012 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Alison Smith, University of Cambridge"Green (and brown and red) energy—prospects for algal biofuels"
Sixth Week—Wednesday 22nd February 2012 at 8.15pmICLDr Susan Ozanne, Univeristy of Cambridge"You are what your mother ate: the developmental origins of type 2 diabetes"
Seventh Week—Wednesday 29th February 2012 at 8.15pmICLProfessor Kevin Warwick, University of Reading"Human Enhancement: A User's Guide"
Eighth Week—Tuesday 6th March 2012 at 8.15pm

Note: different day this week
ICLDr Mark Briffa, University of Plymouth"Personality and a bit of aggression in marine invertebrates"
Michaelmas Term 2011
When Where Who What
Summer — Thursday 8th September 2011 at 17.00 note different day, time, and placein the Fisher Room, Denys Wilkinson Building (Department of Physics on Keble Road)Michael Nielsen, author and advocate of open science"Open Science: The Promise and the Challenge"
First Week - Wednesday 12th October 2011 at 8.15pmICLDr Andrew Pontzen, University of Oxford"What is Cold Dark Matter? And is it heating up?"
Second Week - Wednesday 19th October 2011 at 8.15pmICLDr Chris Faulkes, Queen Mary University of London"Biodiversity and sociality in African mole rats: an evolutionary perspective"
Third Week - Wednesday 26th October 2011 at 8.15pmICLLaurie Winkless, National Physical Laboratory"Raiders of the Lost Amp"
Fourth Week - Wednesday 2nd November 2011 at 8.15pmICLThe Reverend Ron Lancaster, Kimbolton Fireworks"Fireworks: Principles and Practice"
Fifth Week - Wednesday 9th November 2011 at 8.15pmICLProf. Wade Allison, University of Oxford"What have we learnt from Fukushima?"
Sixth Week - Wednesday 16th November 2011 at 8.15pm*
ICLProf. Steve Jones, University College London"Incest and Folk Dancing: Two Things to Avoid"
Seventh Week - Wednesday 23rd November 2011 at 8.15pmICLMark Lynas, popular science author"Why scientists should take over the world"
Eighth Week - Wednesday 30th November 2011 at 8.15pmICLDame Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, University of Oxford"Will the world end in 2012? The astronomical evidence"
Trinity Term 2011
When Where Who What
First Week - Wednesday 4th May 2011 - 20:15ICLDr Len Fisher, Popular Science Author and Presenter"Science and Prediction: How Reliably Can We See the Future?"
Second Week - Wednesday 11th May 2011 - 20:15ICLProf. Robin Dunbar, University of Oxford"Why Humans Aren't Just Great Apes"
Third Week - Wednesday 18th May 2011 - 20:15ICLCory Doctorow"A Little Bit Pregnant: Why It's a Bad Idea to Regulate Computers the Way We Regulate Radios, Guns, Uranium and Other Special-Purpose Tools"
Fourth Week - Wednesday 25th May 2011 - 20:15ICLDr. Roi Cohen Kadosh, University of Oxford"Searching for the Mathematical Brain"
Hilary Term 2011
When Where Who What
First Week - Wednesday 19th January 2011 - 20:15ICLProfessor Stephen Curry, Imperial College London"Foot-and-mouth and foot-in-mouth: science and talking about science"
Second Week - Wednesday 26th January 2011 - 20:15ICLDavid McCandless"Information Is Beautiful" (joint event with Oxford Invariants)
Third Week - Wednesday 2nd February 2011 - 20:15ICLDr Nick Lane, UCLEnergetics and the evolution of complex life (joint event with Oxford Biological Society)
Fourth Week - Wednesday 9th February 2011 - 20:15ICL  
Fifth Week - Wednesday 16th February 2011 - 20:15ICLProfessor David Sims, Plymouth"Lévy flights and the search behaviour of marine predators" (joint event with Oxford Biological Society)
Sixth Week - Wednesday 23rd February 2011 - 20:15ICLProfessor David Fell, Oxford Brookes University"Modeling Biochemical Networks: from DNA to Cellular Function"
Seventh Week - Wednesday 2nd March 2011 - 20:15ICLDr Adrian Jenkins, British Antarctic Survey"Ocean forcing of ice sheet change in West Antarctica" (joint event with Oxford Geology Group)
Eighth Week - Wednesday 9th March 2011 - 20:15ICLProfessor Sonia Contera, University of Oxford"Nanotechnology: From Single Molecule Biophysics to Biology and Nanomedicine" (joint event with Oxford Transhumanists)
Ninth Week - Wednesday 16th March 2011 - 20:15ICL  
Michaelmas Term 2010
When Where Who What
First Week - Wednesday 13th October 2010 - 20:15ICLProfessor Chris Boshoff, University College LondonViral Oncology
Second Week - Wednesday 20th October 2010 - 20:15ICLFilm NightThe Age of Stupid
Third Week - Wednesday 27th October 2010 - 20:15ICLDr Michael Chappell, University of OxfordMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Fourth Week - Wednesday 3rd November 2010 - 20:15ICLDr Waljit Dhillo, Imperial College LondonKisspeptin (novel hormone)
Fifth Week - Wednesday 10th November 2010 - 20:15ICLProfessor Dame Athene Donald, University of CambridgeFemales in Science (In association with Women's Initiative, Oxford Union)
Sixth Week - Wednesday 17th November 2010 - 20:15ICLProfessor Jean-Pierre Allain, University of CambridgeHepatitis B Virus (HBV)
Seventh Week - Wednesday 24th November 2010 - 20:15ICLDr Elspeth Graham, University of St AndrewsCHAMPSEA
Eighth Week - Wednesday 1st December 2010 - 20:15ICLProfessor Jonathan Flint, University of Oxford [CANCELLED]

Dr Anders Sandberg, James Martin research fellow, Oxford University
Psychiatric Disorder of Depression (In association with the Psychology Society) [CANCELLED]

"What does a computational neuroscientist do in the philosophy department?"
Trinity Term 2010
When Where Who What
First Week - Wednesday 28th April 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Monica Grady, the Open UniversityAstronomy by Microscope
Second Week - Wednesday 5th May 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Charles Godfray FRS, University of OxfordMalaria, Mosquitoes, and Models
Third Week - Wednesday 12th May 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Enrico Cohen, John Innes Centre, NorwichThe Snapdragon's Tale: How Genes Control Shape (Co-hosted with The Oxford Biological Society)
Third Week - Saturday 15th May 2010 - 2:00pmMagdalen BridgePunting (members only)Meet at the punt house
Fourth Week - Wednesday 19th May 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor David Pyle, University of OxfordVolcanic Eruptions: Causes and Consequences
Hilary Term 2010
When Where Who What
First Week - Thursday 21st January 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Stuart Warren, Cambridge UniversityInventing Chemistry and Writing Textbooks
Second Week - Tuesday 26th January 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Amanda Cooper-Sarkar, Oxford UniversityWhat are we really looking for at the Large Hadron Collider?
Third Week - Thursday 4th February 2010 - 8:30pmMeet outside Mansfield CollegeJoint observation sessionJoint observation session with OUSAS (Oxford University Space and Astronomical Society)
Fourth Week - Wednesday 10th February 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Sir Richard Friend, University of CambridgePlastic Electronics: Carbon-based semiconductors—new science, new engineering and new applications
Fifth Week - Wednesday 17th February 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Christopher French, Goldsmiths, University of LondonThe Psychology of Anomalous Experiences
Sixth Week - Tuesday 23rd February 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Peter McOwan, Queen Mary, University of LondonThe Magic of Computer Science: Are You Watching Closely?
Seventh Week - Wednesday 3rd March 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Sir Martin Evans, Cardiff UniversityCo-hosted with Oxford University Biochemical Society
Eighth Week - Wednesday 10th March 2010 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Vincent Cunliffe, University of SheffieldFishing for clues: how zebrafish are making a big splash in biochemical research
Michaelmas Term 2009
When Where Who What
First Week - Wednesday 14th October 2009 - 8:15pmICLDr Aubrey de Grey, SENS FoundationApplying Regenerative Medicine to the Problem of Ageing
Second Week - Wednesday 21st October 2009 - 8:15pmICLDr Edmund Harriss (The Open University)How do Shapes Fill Space?
Third Week - Wednesday 28th October 2009 - 8:15pmICLDr David Watkin (University of Oxford)So, what does Vitamin C Look Like?
Fourth Week - Wednesday 4th November 2009 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Julia Yeomans (University of Oxford)Nature's Raincoats
Fifth Week - Wednesday 11th November 2009 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Andrew deMello (Imperial College London)The Lilliput Laboratory: is Size Important?
Sixth Week - Wednesday 18th November 2009 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Nicola Clayton (University of Cambridge)Comparative Cognition: Lessons from Corvids and Children
Seventh Week - Date and time to be announced Black Tie Christmas Dinner 
Seventh Week - Wednesday 25th November 2009 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Carlos Frenk (University of Durham)The Great Cosmic Gamble: Making Galaxies from Nothing
Eighth Week - Wednesday 2nd December 2009 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Andrew Abbott (University of Leicester)Plastic from Potatoes and Rubber from Rice
Trinity Term 2009
When Where Who What
First Week - Thursday 30th April 2009 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Lynn Margulis, University of Massachusetts AmherstEarly Evolution of Earth's Life
Fourth Week - Monday 18th May 2009 - 8:15pm*
ICLProfessor Simon Baron-Cohen, University of CambridgePrenatal Testosterone in Mind
Fourth Week - Wednesday 20th May 2009 - 6:00pmICLProfessor Sir David King, University of Oxford21st Century Challenges 
Fifth Week - Wednesday 27th May 2009 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Peter Atkins, University of OxfordThe Nature of Energy
Hilary Term 2009
When Where Who What
First Week - Wednesday 21st Jan 2009 - 8:15pmMartin Wood Lecture Theatre, Clarendon LabSusie Sheehy and Andrew SteeleAccelerate! Physics Show
Second Week - Wednesday 28th Jan 2009 - 8:15pmICLNick Lane—Popular Science AuthorFrom the Origin of Life to the Origin of Complexity
Third Week - Wednesday 4th Feb 2009 - 8:15pmICLProf Dennis Noble, OxfordThe Music of Life: How to Put Humpty-Dumpty Back Together Again
Fourth Week - Wednesday 11th Feb 2009 - 8:15pmICLDr Jim Bennett, Museum of the History of ScienceWhat is the (Museum of the) History of Science for?
Fifth Week - Wednesday 18th Feb 2009 - 7:00pmICLProf Simon Conway-Morris, University of CambridgeDarwin's Compass: How Evolution Discovers the Song of Creation
Sixth Week - Wednesday 25th Feb 2009 - 8:15pm*
ICLProf Joyce Tait, University of EdinburghScience and Technology Foresight—Can we do it?
Seventh Week - Wednesday 4th Mar 2009 - 8:15pmICLProf Peter DonnellyThe Genetics of Common Human Diseases
Eighth Week - Wednesday 11th Mar 2009 - 8:15pmICLSir Peter Mansfield, NottinghamSnap-shot MRI and Beyond
Eighth Week - Thursday 12th Mar 2009 - 8:15pm*
ICLProf Andrew de Mello, Imperial College LondonChemical Nanoscience
Michaelmas Term 2008
When Where Who What
First Week - Wednesday 15th Oct 2008 - 7:00–9:00pmICLWelcome drinks 
Second Week - Wednesday 22nd Oct 2008 - 8:15pmICLProf Sir Alec Jeffreys, Royal SocietyGenetic Fingerprinting and Beyond
Third Week - Wednesday 29th Oct 2008 - 8:15pmICLProf Tim HuntGetting in and out of mitosis
Fourth Week - Wednesday 5th Nov 2008 - 8:15pmICLDr Fumiko EsashiOld and new role of CDKs in the maintenance of genome integrity
Fifth Week - Wednesday 12th Nov 2008 - 8:15pm*
ICLSir Peter MansfieldSnap-shot MRI and Beyond
Sixth Week - Tuesday 18th Nov 2009 - 8:15pmICLProf John WalkerOxygen, Energy Conversion, Life and Health
Seventh Week - Wednesday 26th Nov 2009 - 8:15pm*
ICLProf Jean BeggsTBA
Eighth Week - Tuesday 2nd Dec 2009 - 8:15pmICLProf Colin BlakemoreVision Impossible
Trinity Term 2008
When Where Who What
First Week - 24 April 2008 - 8:15pmICLDr Paul JA Howarth, Director of Research, Dalton Nuclear Institute, Manchester UniversityFuture Energy Policy - The Role of Nuclear
Second Week - 30 April 2008 - 8:15pmICLJohn E Walker, Medical Research Council Dunn Human Nutrition Unit, Cambridge, UKOxygen, Energy Conversion, Life and Health
Third Week - 7 May 2008 - 8:15pmICLProfessor Richard Crowther, Head of Space Technology, Rutherford Appleton LaboratoryThe Outlook For Near-Earth Space Exploration
Fourth Week - 12 May 2008 - 8:15pmICLJacob KleinIsraeli Medical Developments: Saving Lives Worldwide
Fourth Week - 14 May 2008 - 8:15pmICLEFDA-JET, Culham Science CentreOUSS Visit to the Joint European Torus (JET)
Eighth Week - 9 June 2008 6:30pmClarendon Laboratory, Parks RoadSusan GreenfieldID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century
Hilary Term 2008
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (23 January) 8:15pmICLProfessor Andrew Briggs, Department of Materials, University of OxfordThe Emerging Discipline of Quantum Nanoscience
Wednesday third week (30 January) 8:15pmICLProfessor Brian Ford, Broadcaster and writer, LeicesterThe Intelligence of Cells
Wednesday forth week (6 February) 8:15pmICLProfessor Graham Richards, Department of Chemistry, University of OxfordMolecules by the Million - the use of computers in drug discovery
Wednesday sixth week (20 February) 8:15pmICLProfessor Philip Maini, Mathematical Institute, University of OxfordMathematical Modelling of Solid Cancer Growth
Wednesday eighth week (5 March) 8:15pmICLMr Kamil Fadel, Palais de la découverte, ParisLucky Life & Magic Furnace
Michealmas Term 2007
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (October 10th) 8:15pmLincoln CollegeWelcome Drinks
Wednesday second week (October 17th) 8:15pmICLDr Aubrey de Grey (Chairman and Chief Science Officer of the Methuselah Foundation, Cambridge)Prospects for extending healthy life - a lot
Wednesday third week (December 31st) 8:15pmICLMr Andrew Lound (UK Regional Coordinator for The Planetary Society)To see the beginning of Time
Wednesday fourth week (October 31st) 7:30pmICLSir Richard Peto (Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology)Halving premature death
Wednesday fifth week (November 7th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Alan Baddeley (Professor of Psychology, York)Developing the concept of working memory
Wednesday sixth week (November 14th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Wade Allison (Professor of Physics, Oxford)Nuclear without fear
Monday seventh week (November 19th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Jonathan Hodgkin (Professor of Genetics, Oxford)Studying bacterial warfare using a tiny nematode worm
Thursday seventh week (November 22nd) Black Tie Dinner
Wednesday eighth week (November 28th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Heinz Wolff (Emeritus Professor of Bioengineering, Brunel)Science, Society, Education and the Future. Have we got it all wrong?
Wednesday eighth week (November 28th) Tour of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Trinity Term 2007
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (April 25th) 8:15pmICLDr Eric Werner (University of Oxford and Cellnomica Inc)What do genes mean?
Wednesday second week (May 2nd) 8:15pmICLProfessor Andrew Briggs (Professor of nanomaterials, University of Oxford)The emerging discipline of quantum nanoscience
Wednesday third week (May 9th) 6:00pmICLProfessor Elizabeth Warrington (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience)The organization of knowledge systems in the brain
Wednesday fourth week (May 16th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Bryan Sykes ()To be announced
Hilary Term 2007
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (January 17th) 8:15pmICLDr Chris Lintott (Co-presenter of The Sky at Night)The 1st Stars
Wednesday second week (January 24th) 8:15pmICLDr Nick Lane (Honorary Senior Research Fellow, UCL)Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life
Saturday second week (January 27th) 11:15pmExam SchoolsCareer Services ()Alternatives for Scientists
Monday third week (January 29th) 8:15pmICLElaine Baxter (Topsat Operations Manager, QinetiQ)TopSat - low cost imagery from space
Wednesday third week (January 31st) 5:00pmNew College Lecture Room 6Accenture Career Event: What is Management Consultancy?
Wednesday fourth week (February 7th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Peter Smith (Special Professor of Sustainable Energy, University of Nottingham)Beware the Tipping Point: A Scenario for Renewables
Wednesday fifth week (February 14th) 8:15pmICLProfessor John Wood FREng (Cheif Executive, Council for the Central Laboratories of the Research Councils)Big Science and Materials: Opportunities, Breakthroughs and the Future
Friday fifth week (February 16th) 8:15pmTBCHigh Profile SpeakerAnimals in Medical Research: Magic or Tragic?
Tuesday seventh week (February 27th) 1:45pmMINI FactoryTour of the MINI Factory Plant
Wednesday sixth week (February 21st) 8:15pmICLProfessor Chris Leaver (Head of the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford)GM Crops: Food for Thought
Tuesday seventh week (February 27th) 8:15pmMartin Wood Lecture TheatreReverend Professor Alister McGrath (Professor of Theology, Oxford University)Has Science Disproved God? Richard Dawkins on the 'God Delusion'
Wednesday eighth week (March 7th) 8:15pmICLDr Phil Donoghue (Department of Earth Sciences, Bristol University)Paleontology, Particle Physics and Penis Worms
Michealmas Term 2006
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (October 11th) 8:15pmICLWelcome drinks
Wednesday second week (October 18th) 8:15pmICLDr A Fitzgibbon (Microsoft Research Centre)Computer Vision and the Geometry of Nature
Wednesday third week (October 25th) 8:15pmICLReverend Ron Lancaster MBE (Kimbolton Fireworks)Fireworks: Principles and Practice
Thursday third week (October 26th) 2:30pmMuseum of the History of ScienceTour of the Oxford Museum of the History of Science
Wednesday fourth week (November 1st) 8:15pmICLMr Jay Tate (Spaceguard UK)Avoiding Armageddon
Monday fifth week (November 6th) 8:15pmICLElaine Baxter (Topsat Operations Manager, QinetiQ)Topsat: low cost imagery from space
Wednesday fifth week (November 8th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Steven Jones (Professor of Genetics at University College London)Why intelligent design is for stupid people
Wednesday sixth week (November 15th) 8:15pmMartin WoodProfessor Sir Roger Penrose (Oxford University)Before the Big Bang: A radical solution to a profound cosmological mystery
Friday sixth week (November 17th) 1:40pmTBCTrip to Didcot Power Station
Wednesday seventh week (November 22nd) 8:15pmICLMr Peter Head (Director of ARUP)The Dontang Eco-City Project
Thursday seventh week (November 23rd) TBCLincoln CollegeOU Scientific Society Black Tie Dinner
Wednesday eighth week (November 29th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Peter Edwards (Oxford University)Hydrogen: Key to a sustainable energy future?
Trinity Term 2006
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (April 26th) 8:15pmICLDr Martin Westwell (Institution of the Future of the Mind)The future of the mind
Wednesday second week (May 3rd) 8:15pmICLProfessor Patrick Grant (Cookson Professor of Materials)The manufacture of new materials for industrial applications using droplets
Wednesday third week (May 10th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Frank Close (Professor of Particle Physics)The Particle Odyssey
Wednesday fourth week (May 17th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Chris Schofield (Chemical Research Laboratory)The chemistry of natural oxygen sensing
Hilary Term 2006
When Where Who What
Saturday first week (January 21st) 11:00amCareers ServiceCareersCareers Service Event
Wednesday second week (January 25th) 8:15pmICLDr Shamita Das (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford)Earthquakes
Wednesday fourth week (February 8th) 8:15pmICLDr. Sarah Rowland-Jones (Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford)Towards an HIV vaccine
Wednesday fifth week (February 15th) 8:15pmICLFrazer Pearce (School of Physics and Astronomy, Nottingham University)Exoplanets: are we alone?
Wednesday sixth week (February 22nd) 8:15pmICLProfessor George G Brownlee, FRS (Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford)The bird flu threat
Wednesday seventh week (March 1st) 8:15pmICLProfessor Nevill and Professor Greg Whyte (University of Wolverhampton and English Institute of Sport)Are there limits to running world-records?
Wednesday eighth week (March 8th) 8:15pmICLVikram Patel (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
Michealmas Term 2005
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (October 19th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Jim Horne (Sleep Research Laboratory, Loughborough University)Why Sleep?
Wednesday third week (October 26th) 8:15pmICLDr. Sarah Rowland-Jones (Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford)Towards an HIV vaccine? Lessons from Africa
Wednesday fourth week (November 2nd) 8:15pmICL Dr. John Emsley (Department of Chemistry, Cambridge)Elements of Murder: The Dark Side of the Periodic Table
Wednesday sixth week (November 16th) 8:15pmICLDr Cyril Isenberg (Department of Physical Sciences, University of Kent at Canterbury)The Magic of Soap Bubbles
Wednesday seventh week (November 23rd) 8:15pmICLProf C. Wickramasinghe (Department of Mathematics, Cardiff University)The Continuing Search for our Cosmic Ancestry
Wednesday eighth week (November 30th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Igor Aleksander (Imperial College)Machines with Minds: Hype or Sensible Science?
Trinity Term 2005
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (April 27th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Alan Windle FRS (Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge)Carbon Nanotubes: a new science, a new benefit?
Wednesday second week (May 4th) 8:15pmICLProfessor John Brooke (Department of Theology, University of Oxford)Famous myths in the history of science
Thursday third week (May 12th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Les Iversen (Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford)Medical Marijuana
Wednesday fourth week (May 18th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Malcolm Haines (Department of Physics, Imperial College London)Controlled Fusion: a broad approach
Hilary Term 2005
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (January 26th) 8:15pmICLDr. John Stein (Department of Physiology, University of Oxford)Eyes, Ears, Families and Fish - The Magnocellular Hypothesis of Developmental Dyslexia
Wednesday fourth week (February 9th) 8:15pmICLDr. P Barham (Department of Physics, Bristol University)The Physics of Ice Cream
Wednesday fifth week (February 16th) 8:15pmICLDr. J Young (Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine - Imperial College, London)Newton and the Nature of Electronic Editions ~ An Introduction to the Isaac Newton Manuscript Project
Wednesday seventh week (March 2nd) 8:15pmICLDr. Armand Leroi (Department of Biological Sciences - Imperial College, London)The Genes that make us Human
Wednesday eighth week (March 9th) 8:15pmICLChris Luebkeman (Director and leader of Arup's global Foresight and Innovation initiative)Can you imagine...?
Michealmas Term 2004
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (October 20th) 8:15pmICLDr. Hans Kraus (Department of Physics, University of Oxford)Dark Matter in the Universe
Wednesday fourth week (November 3rd) 8:15pmICLProf Peter Atkins (Department of Chemistry, Oxford University)Galileo's Finger: The ten great ideas of science
Wednesday fifth week (November 10th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Robert McNeill Alexander (School of Biology, University of Leeds)How animals do the (apparently) impossible.
Wednesday sixth week (November 17th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Giles Davies (School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds)Squeezing more out of the electromagnetic spectrum: terahertz science and technology
Friday sixth week (November 19th) 2:00pmTBCVisit to JET (Joint European Torus)
Wednesday seventh week (November 24th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Mitch Dowsett (Head of Biochemistry, Institute of Cancer Research)Science increases incidence but reduces mortality from breast cancer
Wednesday eighth week (December 1st) 8:15pmICLProfessor Paul Coleman (Department of Physics, University of Bath)Probing Matter with Antimatter
Trinity Term 2004
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (May 5th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Emeritus Richard Langton Gregory (Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol)Phenomenal Phenomena - the nature of perception
Wednesday third week (May 12th) 8:15pmICLDr. Vlatko Vedral (Centre for Quantum Computation, Imperial College, University of London)Keeping It Real: Untangling Entanglement
Wednesday fourth week (May 19th) 8:15pmICLDr Philippe Blondel (Department of Physics, University of Bath)From Bath to the Ocean: Seabed mapping, the past and the future
Hilary Term 2004
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (January 28th) 8:15pmICLDr. John Tippetts (Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Sheffield)Fluidics
Wednesday third week (February 4th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Frank Close (Professor of Particle Physics)Lucifer's Legacy
Wednesday seventh week (March 3rd) 8:15pmICLAdrian Hon (The Queen's College, Oxford University)The Human Mission to Mars
Wednesday eighth week (March 10th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Julia Slingo (Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling, Reading University)Climate in a Changing World
Saturday sixth week (February 28th) TBCTBCVisit
Michealmas Term 2003
When Where Who What
Saturday first week (October 18th) 2:00pmMerton gradua e buildings, Holywell StWelcome BBQ
Wednesday second week (October 22nd) 8:15pmICLProfessor Alan Cooper (Henry Wellcome Ancient Biomolecules Centre, Oxford University)Ancient DNA Studies of Humans and Animals
Wednesday third week (October 29th) 8:15pmICLTimothy Walker (Botanic Gardens, Oxford University)The Healing Power of Plants
Saturday fifth week (November 15th) 9:00amGloucester Green coach stationVisit to The Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Wednesday sixth week (November 19th) 8:15pmICLProfessor A. Peter Willmore (School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Birmingham)Gamma Ray Bursts
Wednesday seventh week (November 26th) 8:15pmICLProfessor W. Graham Richards (Chairman of Chemistry, University of Oxford)The Screensaver, Lifesaver Project
Wednesday eighth week (December 3rd) 8:15pmICLReverend Ron Lancaster MBE (Kimbolton Fireworks)Fireworks!!
Trinity Term 2003
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (April 30th) 8:15pmICLSir Brian K. Follett (Department of Zoology, University of Oxford)The Marriage Of Animal Behaviour To Molecular Biology
Thursday first week (May 1st) 9:00pmThe BridgeClubbing at The Bridge
Wednesday second week (May 7th) 8:15pmNAPLColin Jack (Author)Smarter Ways to Space Travel
Wednesday third week (May 14th) 8:15pmNAPLProfessor Chris Leaver (Head of the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford)Food for Thought
Wednesday fourth week (May 21st) 8:15pmICLMovie Night - X-Men (Members only)
week (April 20th) TBCThe Eden ProjectThe Eden Project
Hilary Term 2003
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (January 22nd) 8:15pmICLProfessor Tom Kirkwood (University of Newcastle)Ageing, Sex and Death
Saturday second week (February 1st) 9:00amBody Worlds Exhibition, LondonVisit to Body Worlds Exhibition, London
Wednesday third week (February 5th) 8:15pmICLDr. Alan Penny (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)Looking for Life on Extra-Solar Planets
Wednesday fourth week (February 12th) 8:15pmICLDr Sara Russell (Natural History Museum)Meteorites
Wednesday fifth week (February 19th) 8:15pmICLDr Mark Rodger (University of Warwick)Molecular Simulation
Wednesday seventh week (March 5th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Horace Barlow (University of Cambridge)Seeing Motion
Wednesday eighth week (March 12th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Robert Donovan (University of Edinburgh)Laser Spectroscopy
Friday eighth week (March 14th) 7:45pmMartin Wood Lecture TheatreMarc Abrahams (editor and co-founder of Annals of Improbable Research)Ig Nobel Prize Tour
Michealmas Term 2002
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (October 16th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Jim Horne (Sleep Research Laboratory, Loughborough University)Why Sleep?
Wednesday second week (October 23rd) 8:15pmICLAlex Griffiths (BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol)Filming Mammals for the BBC Natural History Unit
Wednesday third week (October 30th) 8:15pmMoser Lecture TheatreWadhamDr Ian I. Kogan (Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford)Modification of Gravity at large Scale: Telescope for the Microworld
Friday third week (November 1st) 13:30pmCulham Science Centre, OxfordshireTrip to JET - Joint European Torus
Wednesday fourth week (November 6th) 8:15pmMoser Lecture TheatreWadhamProfessor Chris Calladine (Structural Mechanics, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge)Construction and operation of bacterial flagella
Wednesday fifth week (November 13th) 8:15pmMoser Lecture TheatreWadhamProfessor William D.Grant (Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Leicester)From Soda Lakes to Salt Mines
Wednesday sixth week (November 20th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Peter Andrews (Chairman, Dept. Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield)From teratocarcinoma to embryonic stem cells: Tools for human embryology and re-generative medicine
Wednesday seventh week (November 27th) 8:15pm(TBC) Old RefectoryWadhamProfessor Peter Cargill (Space and Atmospheric Physics, The Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College)Cosmic Storms
Thursday seventh week (November 28th) 6:45 for 7:15pmOld Library, Wadham CollegeBlack Tie dinner
Trinity Term 2002
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (April 24th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Paul J. Davis (Visiting Professor of Applied Immunology, University of Kent at Canterbury)Much ado about infection
Wednesday second week (May 1st) 8:15pmICLMr Doug Dadswell (Babtie Group, Allot and Lomax)design and Construction of the London Eye
Wednesday third week (May 8th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Steven Jones (Professor of Genetics at University College London)The Descent of man
Wednesday fourth week (May 15th) 8:15pmLindemann Lecture Theatre (Physics)Professor Peter Lillford (Visiting Professor, University of Nottingham, Visiting Chair, University of York)Don't talk with your mouth full - The Physics of Eating
Saturday fourth week (May 18th) 9:00amTBCVisit to the National Space Centre in Leicester, email for details
Hilary Term 2002
When Where Who What
Wednesday third week (January 30th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Peter I. P. Kalmus (Emeritus Professor, Queen Mary's College, University of London)The Forces of Nature
Wednesday fourth week (February 6th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Richard Gardner (Department of Zoology, University of Oxford)Harnessing Embryonic Stem Cells and Cloning: How and Why
Wednesday seventh week (February 27th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Lewis Wolpert (Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London)The Unnatural Nature of Science
Wednesday eighth week (March 6th) 8:15pmICLDr Elspeth Garman (University of Oxford)Curing Mankind's Biggest Killer - The Common Flu
Tuesday ninth week (March 12th) 7pm promptBlackwells Cafe Simon Singh (Author and Journalist)The Science of Secrecy a joint event with Blackwells Cafe Scientifique.
Michealmas Term 2001
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (October 10th) 8:15pmICLDr Cyril Isenberg (Department of Physical Sciences, University of Kent at Canterbury)The Magic of Soap Bubbles
Wednesday second week (October 17th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Tom Mullin (Manchester Center for Non-linear dynamics)Patterns in the sand
Wednesday third week (October 24th) 8:15pmICLDr. Alan Penny (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)Signs of Life on Other Earths
Wednesday fourth week (October 31st) 8:15pmICLDr Hugh Cartwright (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Oxford)Instinctive Science: Can Machines Out-Think Scientists?
Monday fifth week (November 5th) 7pmMorris Room, Oxford UnionDr Adam Baker (Space Department, QinetiQ)Free QinetiQ Careers Presentation
Wednesday fifth week (November 7th) 8:15pmICLDr Roy Lehrle (School of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham)Forensics: Fakes and Failures
Wednesday sixth week (November 14th) 8:15pmICLProfessor David Widdowson (Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London)Chemistry Against The Clock: From Atom to Drug in Just One Hour
Wednesday seventh week (November 21st) 8:15pmICLDr Alan Chapman (Department of Modern History, Oxford University)The Canon, the Chemist and the Dinosaurs: Oxford and the Origins of Fossil Geology
Wednesday eighth week (November 28th) 8:15pmICLMovie Night - Galaxy Quest (Members Only)
Trinity Term 2001
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (May 2nd) 8:15pmICLProf Kevin Warwick (Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading)A Cyborg Life For Me!
Wednesday second week (May 9th) 8:15pmICLDr Mark S Leeson (School of Engineering, University of Warwick)The Future of Optical and Wireless Communications
Wednesday third week (May 16th) 9:45amGloucester GreenTrip to Bletchley Park
Wednesday third week (May 16th) 8:15pmICLProf Artur Ekert (Centre for Quantum Computation)Quantum Cryptography
Wednesday fourth week (May 23rd) 8:15pmICLDr Dick Parry (Dept of Engineering, Universityof Cambridge)Pyramid Power and The Secrets Of Stonehenge
Hilary Term 2001
When Where Who What
Wednesday third week (January 31st) 8:15pmICLDr. Susan Blackmore (Department of Psychology, University of the West of England)Memes and Minds
Wednesday fourth week (February 7th) 8:15pmICLMajor Jonathan Tate (Director of Spaceguard UK)Cometary impacts - Can we protect our planet?
Wednesday fifth week (February 14th) 2:15pmICL Dr. John Emsley (Department of Chemistry, Cambridge)Perfumes, pampers, nicotine patches - is it really chemistry
Wednesday sixth week (February 21st) 8:15pmICLDr. John Tippetts (Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Sheffield)Watts, Bits and Fluid Mechanics
Wednesday seventh week (February 28th) 8:15pmICLDr. Vlatko Vedral (Centre for Quantum Computation, Imperial College, University of London)Heat and Computation - The Science of Forgetting
Wednesday eighth week (March 7th) 2pmICLTour of the Oxford Museum of the History of Science
Wednesday eighth week (March 7th) 8:15pmICLDr. Sarah Rowland-Jones (Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford)Towards and HIV vaccine, Lessons from Africa
Michealmas Term 2000
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (October 18th) 8:15pmICLDr. P Barham (Department of Physics, Bristol University)The Physics of Ice Cream
Wednesday fourth week (November 1st) 8:15pmICLProf. R Eccles (Common Cold Centre, Cardiff University)The common cold - some unexplained mysteries
Thursday third week (October 26th) 2:15pmICLBodleian Tour
Wednesday fifth week (November 8th) 8:15pmICLA. Hart-Davis (BBC TV presenter and author)Local Heroes
Wednesday sixth week (November 15th) 8:15pmICLVideo Night - Contact starring Jodie Foster
Wednesday seventh week (November 22nd) 8:15pmICLVideo Night or Quiz ight, TBA
Wednesday eighth week (November 29th) 8:15pmICLProf C. Wickramasinghe (Department of Mathematics, Cardiff University)Evidence that life is a cosmic phenomenon
Trinity Term 2000
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (May 10th) 8:15pmICLProf Colin Blakemore FRS (Oxford University)Nature and nurture in the building of the brain
Friday third week (May 19th) 8:15pmICLAlexsanderHow to build a mind - the Hype and the Reality
Tuesday fourth week (May 23rd) 8:15pmICLProfessor Vernon Reynolds (Oxford University)Clever but nasty: Chimpanzees and Human Evolution
Wednesday fifth week (May 31st) 8:15pmICLProfessor Frank Close (Professor of Particle Physics)Lucifer's Legacy - the meaning of assymmetry
Hilary Term 2000
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (January 26th) 8:15pmICLDr Matt Ridley ()Genome: Autobiography of a Species
Wednesday third week (February 2nd) 8:15pmICLProf J.M.R. Graham ()Alternative Energies: Wind and Wave
Friday fourth week (February 11th) 2:15pmDivinity SchoolsGuided tour of the Bodleian
Wednesday fifth week (February 16th) 8:15pmICLDr Monica Grady (Natural History Museum)Can Meteorites Show there was Life on Mars?
Wednesday sixth week (February 23rd) 8:15pmICLDr Sunil Shaunak ()Why and how does HIV continue to replicate despite HAART
Wednesday seventh week (March 1st) 8:15pmICLDr David Deutsch (http://www.qubit.org/people/david/David.html)The Multiverse and Quantum Computers
Wednesday eighth week (March 8th) 8:15pmICLDr. J Young (Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine - Imperial College, London)Children and Television Advertising
Michealmas Term 1999
When Where Who What
Wednesday third week (October 27th) 8:15pmICLProfessor Tom Mullin (Manchester Center for Non-linear dynamics)From Chaos to the Indian Rope Trick
Wednesday fifth week (November 10th) 8:15pmICLRevd Ron Lancaster (Kimbolton Fireworks)Fireworks!
Wednesday sixth week (November 17th) 8:15pmICLDr Leo Kinlen (Childhood Cancer Research Group, Oxford University)Population Mixing, Infection & Childhood Leukaemia
Wednesday seventh week (November 24th) 8:15pmICLProf Douglas Gough (Institute of Astrophysics, Cambridge University)Listen to the Sun Shine
Wednesday eighth week (December 1st) 8:15pmICLRupert Sheldrake (Freelance Scientist)Telepathy and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals
Trinity Term 1999
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (April 28th) 8:15pmICLProf Colin Webb FRS (Professor of Laser Physics, University of Oxford)Making Light Work: Application of High Powered Lasers
Wednesday second week (May 5th) 2:15pmICLGuided tour of the Bodleian
Wednesday second week (May 5th) 8:15pmICLProfessor W. Graham Richards (Chairman of Chemistry, University of Oxford)The Creation of Oxford Molecular Group
Wednesday third week (May 12th) 8:15pmICLProf Susan Greenfield (Department of Pharmacology, Oxford University)The Brain of the Future
Wednesday fourth week (May 19th) 8:15pmICLProf Brian Goodwin (Schumacher College, Devon)From Control to Participation in Science
Wednesday fifth week (May 26th) 8:15pmICLDr Robert Sim (Dept of Biochemistry, University of Oxford)Innate Immunity in the Lung
Hilary Term 1999
When Where Who What
Wednesday third week (February 3rd) 8:15pmICLProf Kevin Warwick (Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading)Super Intelligent Machines or Cyborgs - Who will rule the world in the future...?
Wednesday fourth week (February 10th) 8:15pmICLDr Ian Saunders (Department of Physics, Lancaster University)The Uncommon Sense of Relativity
Wednesday sixth week (February 24th) 8:15pmICLProf Robin Dunbar (Department of Psychology, Liverpool University)The Evolution of the Social Brain - Why do we spend such a large part of our conversations on social gossip...?
Wednesday seventh week (March 3rd) 8:15pmICLProf Peter Atkins (Department of Chemistry, Oxford University)The book, the disk and the future... - A speculation about the impact of multimedia on textbooks
Wednesday eighth week (March 10th) 8:15pmICLProf Andrew Mills & Dr Peter Douglas (Dept. Chemistry, University of Wales, Swansea)Chemistry and Light - Photochemistry in Action: A Demonstration Lecture
Michealmas Term 1998
When Where Who What
Wednesday third week (October 28th) 8:15pmICLProf Herbert Huppert (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge)Did the Earth Move for You?
Sunday fourth week (November 1st) 10:15amNorth Lodge 2, Merton 
Wednesday fourth week (November 4th) 8:15pmICLDr John Salthouse (Department of Chemistry, University of Manchester)Son et Lumiere
Wednesday fifth week (November 11th) 8:15pmICLProf Kay-Tee Khaw (Department of Clinical Gerontology, Addenbrookes' Hospital, Cambridge)Is There an Anti-Ageing Diet?
Wednesday sixth week (November 18th) 8:15pmICLDr Chris Solomon (Applied Optics Group, University of Kent at Canterbury)My Face is My Password
Sunday seventh week (November 22nd) 2:00pmNorth Lodge 2, Merton 
Wednesday seventh week (November 25th) 8:15pmICLDr Chris Howe (Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge)Evolution - from Cells to Chaucer
Wednesday eighth week (December 2nd) 8:15pmICLDr Richard Wiseman (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)Investigating Claims of the Paranormal
Trinity Term 1998
When Where Who What
Wednesday first week (April 29th) 8:20pmICLDr Kim Plunkett (Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford)Mechanisms of Word Learning
Wednesday second week (May 6th) 12:30pmGuided tour of the Bodleian
Wednesday second week (May 6th) 8:20pmICLProf Edith Sim (Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford)Genes & Environment - Partners in Causing Disease?
Wednesday third week (May 13th) 8:20pmICLRevd Ron Lancaster (Kimbolton Fireworks)Fireworks: Principles and Practice
Wednesday fourth week (May 20th) 12:30pmSharp UK
Wednesday fifth week (May 27th) 8:20pmICLProfessor W. Graham Richards (Chairman of Chemistry, University of Oxford)The Origins of Oxford Molecular Group
Hilary Term 1998
When Where Who What
Wednesday third week (February 4th) 8:20pmICLWilmutCloning Dolly the Sheep (cancelled)
Wednesday fourth week (February 11th) 12:30pmRutherford Appleton labs
Wednesday fourth week (February 11th) 8:20pmICLDr Hugh Cartwright (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Oxford)Artificial Intelligence
Wednesday fifth week (February 18th) 8:20pmICLIrvineSpecial Effects and Future Fantastic
Wednesday sixth week (February 25th) 8:20pmICLBagnallThe Physics of Skiing
Wednesday seventh week (March 4th) 8:20pmICLColin Jack (Author)The Impossible Paradox - One World or Many?
Sunday eighth week (March 8th) 5:30pmGibbs Room, Keble 
Wednesday eighth week (March 11th) 12:30pmJET
Michealmas Term 1997
When Where Who What
Thursday sixth week (November 20th) 8:30pmNAPLO'LearyThe Paradigms of Science
Wednesday seventh week (November 26th) 8:30pmICLProfessor Sir Roger Penrose (Oxford University)Science and the Mind
Sunday eighth week (November 30th) 2:00pmGibbs Room, Keble 
Wednesday eighth week (December 3rd) 12:30pmOutside QueensSharp Laboratories
Wednesday eighth week (December 3rd) 8:00pmKing's ArmsSciSoc end-of-term pub crawl
Trinity Term 1997
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (May 7th) 8:30pmICLProf Kevin Warwick (Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading)March of the Machines
Wednesday third week (May 14th) 8:30pmGulbenkian Lecture TheatreKrotoC60 : Buckminsterfullerene
Wednesday third week (May 14th) 12:30pmGloucester GreenRutherford Appleton laboratory
Monday fourth week (May 19th) 7:30pmGibbs Room, Keble 
Monday fourth week (May 19th) 8:30pmNAPLDunkleySir Norman Lockyer, his life and works
Wednesday fourth week (May 21st) 4:00pmMerton Punt House, in St Catherine'sPunt Party
Wednesday fifth week (May 28th) 8:30pmICLWaltonThe Paranormal - Science or Fiction
Wednesday fifth week (May 28th) 12:30pmGloucester GreenOxford Instruments
Wednesday sixth week (June 4th) 8:30pmICLProfessor Steven Jones (Professor of Genetics at University College London)What Sex Really Means
Monday seventh week (June 9th) 7:30pmGibbs Room, Keble 
Hilary Term 1997
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (January 29th) 8:30pmICLSay it with frozen flowers
Wednesday third week (February 5th) 8:30pmICLDr John Salthouse (Department of Chemistry, University of Manchester)Son et Lumiere
Monday fourth week (February 10th) 7:30pmGibbs Room, Keble 
Wednesday fourth week (February 12th) 6:00pmGulbenkian Lecture TheatreFoetal pain - does it exist?
Wednesday fifth week (February 19th) 12:30pmGloucester Green, coach number 390JET
Wednesday sixth week (February 26th) 8:30pmICLDNA-based technology - a step too far?
Wednesday seventh week (March 5th) 1:00pmWadham Porter's Lodgethe Bodleian
Thursday seventh week (March 6th) 7:30pmGibbs Room, Keble 
Michealmas Term 1996
When Where Who What
Wednesday second week (October 23rd) 8:30pmICLLaceyThe BSE Cover-up Uncovered
Wednesday third week (October 30th) 8:30pmICLNowakThe Evolution of Cooperation
Monday fourth week (November 4th) 8:00pmGibbs Room,Keble 
Wednesday fourth week (November 6th) 12:00pmMerton LodgeThe Pig Improvement Company
Wednesday fourth week (November 6th) 8:30pmICLKeeleyForensic Science
Wednesday fifth week (November 13th) 8:30pmICLDeliyanakisBringing Fusion Power Down to Earth
Thursday sixth week (November 21st) 8:30pmICLMaynard-SmithAnimal Signals and Human Language
Saturday sixth week (November 23rd) 3:00pmOutside Laser QuestBattle with the Invariants
Wednesday seventh week (November 27th) 1:00pmMerton LodgeThe Rover Plant, Cowley
Tuesday seventh week (November 26th) 8:00pmGibbs Room, Keble