Dance Scottishly


We often run ceilidhs for people for a fee (negotiable). We do not have a live band. However we do have a portable CD player and voice amplification suitable for small halls (we use this for our classes). Depending on needs we can provide a caller and several helpers for an evening, we are flexible and have a wide range of ceilidh dances in our repertoire. We have a group of keen and able dancers many of whom are experienced in performing demonstrations of Scottish country dancing and some limited Highland dancing. We can perform demonstrations as part of a ceilidh or separately as a stand-alone performance depending on the availability of our dancers.

We have run Ceilidhs and performed for the following people:

To book us, please email our current Ceilidh Organiser.

Members of OUSDS have competed in the Slough festival and our team won in 2008 and 2010.

Members of OUSDS have also competed as part of the international team at the Newcastle festival and in Feb. 2009 the team won the award for best demonstration. This was choreographed by our advanced class teacher Samantha Schad.

A picture of the Country Dancing Dem A picture of the Highland Dem