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Current Committee Members

If you'd like to find out more about what the different members of the committee do, check out the Administration section.

A picture of our President in action

President – Anna Senkiw

The president is there to organise, instruct, reconcile and make the Big Decisions. She is also there to take the blame, make a mess, complicate arguments and be indecisive.

A picture of our Secretary in action

Secretary – Kathrin Luksch

The secretary is unfortunate because not only does she have to listen to the president's blather, she has to make a note of it and cross-reference it to previous ramblings. Occasionally she writes letters and books halls, but mostly she just spreads gossip.

A picture of our Treasurer in action

Treasurer – Niall Bootland

One hand on the purse strings and the other on the society's assets, the treasurer is like a charioteer reining in wild spending plans. He is also responsible for collecting money at classes and ceilidhs, and persuading the many famous ex-OUSDS members to donate their life savings.

A picture of our Ceilidh Organiser in action

Ceilidh Organiser – Hannah Speed

This person organises the ceilidhs throughout the year. She has to wade through uncounted emails from balls and colleges, organise music and bully people into calling the dances. If you want to ask her about anything ceilidh-related, email her here.

A picture of our End of Term Dance Organiser in action

End of Term Dance Organiser – Ely Passini

This person is responsible for organising the End of Term Dance. They get to choose 6 of the dances for the evening, and they can choose whatever they like. So far that power has not been abused enough.

A picture of our IT Officer in action

IT Officer – Michael Howe

This person is responsible for keeping this website in all its shiny glory. He has power over everything that's ever written here and also has to deal with everything about it that stops working for no good reason. If you'd like to add to his list of things to do, tell him here.

A picture of our Squash rep in actionA picture of our Squash rep in actionA picture of our Squash rep in action

Squash Reps – Ewan Miller, Maxi Strobl & Marius Ramsoy

These three people are responsible for co-ordinating half-time refreshments for the Tuesday class, including squash and cake. They also get to bully other people into making delicious nibbles for us.

A picture of our General Officer in action

General Officer – Jill Boggs

The General Officers have all the fun of being on the committee, with none of the responsibility of having specific tasks. Alternatively, they get to pick up the pieces that everyone else has dropped, without getting recognition.