Professor Richard Sorabji 


Richard R.K. Sorabji CBE, FBA,
American and Flemish Academies,
Honorary Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford

Publications: Author or editor of over 100 volumes on the History of Philosophy

i. 12 volumes of main books, and one in preparation
ii. 10 volumes of edited and co-edited books
iii. 94 volumes of annotated translation, edited with about half the introductions composed, with 5 explanatory volumes included in i and ii above. 100th volume due in 2012.
iv. 77 principal articles

Founder and director of international project on the Aristotle commentators, 200-600AD, shortly to exceed 100 volumes, with 24 research assistants since 1985

The aim is to make accessible a period of 400 years of Philosophy from 200 to 600 A.D., a missing link in the History of Western Philosophy, which re-modelled Ancient Greek thought and handed on to the Middle Ages a  reinterpretation of Aristotle  that was more influential on subsequent European thought than  the original.  94 volumes of translation sent to press between 1987 and mid-2011, plus 5 of explanation, including a 3-volume Sourcebook, involving about 60 translators and 200 collaborators in 14 countries. The project has employed 24 research assistants. In 2011, the publishers asked for the series to be continued indefinitely, and are investigating on-line publication. 
For list of volumes, click here.

Awards and posts

C.B.E., awarded 1999, (for services to Ancient Philosophy)

Director of the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, 1991-6

President of the Aristotelian Society, 1985-6

British Academy Research Professorship, 1996-9

Fellow of the British Academy since 1989 (F.B.A.), in sections of Philosophy, Classics and up to 1994 Theology

Fellow of King’s College, from 1990

Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College from 2002

Foreign honorary member American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1997

Foreign member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Arts and Sciences of Belgium, since 2008. 

Gresham Professor of Rhetoric, 2000-2003 (some lectures still on the internet).

Honorary Doctor of Letters, Union College Schenectady, 2007

Honorary Doctor of Letters, McGill University 2009


Cornell University, Sage School of Philosophy, from 1968 Associate Professor with tenure 1962-9

King’s College London, Philosophy Department, from 1981 Professor of Ancient Philosophy, 1970 to 2000

University of Texas at Austin, Dept of Philosophy, Adjunct Professor from 2001-2003, with subsequent one-week visits 2004-5

New York University, Antonina S.Ranieri Distinguished Visiting Scholar, 2000-2002 

New York University, Cyprus Global Distinguished Professor of Classics, 2007-2009. 

City University of New York, Graduate Center, visiting Professor, 2004-2007 and 2009.

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