Truth, Open-endedness and Inexpressibility

The project is supported by an an award of the British Academy (UK-Latin America and the Caribbean Link Programme LAC Round 2011)

The aim of the project is to establish a collaboration between two active research groups (Reflection and Incompleteness, which is based in Oxford and funded by the AHRC and "Unrestricted Quantification, Expressiveness and Contextualism", which is based in Buenos Aires and funded by the Argentinian National Research Council for Science and Technology). There is much overlap between the agendas of our research projects, and its the aim of the project to exchange our results and facilitate a longstanding cooperation between the groups.

Three specific areas of overlap in our research projects concern type-free theories of truth, the expressive limitations caused by openendedness of the set-theoretic universe and the means of overcoming them.

So far we have organised the Third New College Logic Meeting in Oxford.

The next workshop is scheduled for 10-12 April 2013 in Buenos Aires; its webpage is here.

Project members Buenos Aires:

Eduardo Barrio (project leader)
Javier Castro-Albano
Ignacio Ojea
Federico Pailos
Lavinia Picollo
Lucas Rosenblatt
Diego Tajer

Project members Oxford:

Volker Halbach (project leader)
Kentaro Fujimoto
Graham Leigh

Carlo Nicolai

James Studd