This is a seminar series on semantic content. The focus of the series is how and why we should enrich and supplement the standard, propositional notion of semantic content. Topics include structured discourse content, topic/aboutness, indexical information, contextualism, and performatives.

Week 1:

Cian Dorr and Daniel Rothschild (Oxford)
Semantic content: foundational issues

Week 2:

Jim Pryor (NYU)
The Essence and the Inevitability of Hyper-Evaluative Semantics (

Week 3:

Márta Abrusán (CNRS/IRIT)
Experiments with The King of France and Aboutness (abstract)

Week 4:

Paolo Santorio (Leeds)
On binding variables, again and again (

Week 5

Nat Hansen (Reading)
Color Adjectives and Scale Structure

Week 6

James Shaw (Pittsburgh)
Epistemic expressivism, attitudes and evidence (joint work with Adam Marushak)

Week 7

Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford)
Toward a null theory of explicit performatives

Week 8

Seth Yalcin (UC Berkeley)
Metasemantics: what is the question?