I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sydney.. Before coming to Sydney, I was a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. I was an undergraduate at Princeton and a PhD student in philosophy at MIT.

I work mainly in epistemology and decision theory.

I am currently engaged in defending a time-slice centric picture of rationality on which all inTRApersonal requirements of rationality can be derived from more fundamental requirements which apply equally in the inTERpersonal case. Defending this conception of rationality is the project of various papers and a forthcoming book.


    Reasons without Persons: Rationality, Identity, and Time, forthcoming with Oxford University Press



  • Uniqueness and Metaepistemology
    • University of Arizona, Sep 2014
    • Australian National University, Apr 2015
    • University of Sydney, Apr 2015
  • Uniqueness and Diachronic Requirements
    • Yale University, Sep 2014
    • Princeton University, Sep 2014
    • Arizona State University, Sep 2014
    • Jowett Society, Oxford University, May 2014