I have moved to UCL Institute of Education to take up a Professorship of Quantitative Social Science.

My contact details at UCL are as follows:

Department of Social Science
UCL Institue of Education
20 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL

email: w [dot] chan [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk

I am a University Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Oxford, where I am also the Director of the Oxford Network for Social Inequality Research and a Fellow and Tutor in Human Sciences of New College. My research interests are social stratification and mobility, and the life course, especially family formation and dissolution.

Research Projects

  1. Intergenerational relationships in contemporary UK
  2. Understanding cultural omnivores
  3. Social status, lifestyle and cultural consumption

Draft Papers

comments very welcome, but please do not cite or quote without permission.
  1. Where do cultural omnivores come from? The implications of educational mobility for cultural consumption (with Heather Turner).
  2. Understanding cultural omnivores: social and political attitudes, appendix
  3. Intergenerational exchange of instrumental support: dynamic evidence from the British Household Panel Survey (with John Ermisch)
  4. Intergenerational exchange in the UK
  5. The instability of divorce risk factors in the UK (with Brendan Halpin)
  6. Demographic trends and educational homogamy in Britain
  7. Why we should not be postmodernists


  1. Family geography and family demography in contemporary UK
    (with John Ermisch, forthcoming in Population Studies.)
  2. Proximity of couples to parents: influences of gender, labour market and family
    (with John Ermisch, forthcoming in Demography.)
  3. Social mobility over three generations in Finland: a critique
    (with Vikki Boliver, European Sociological Review., 2014, 30:13--17.)
  4. The grandparents effect in social mobility: evidence from British birth cohort studies
    (with Vikki Boliver, American Sociological Review, 2013, 78:662--678.) Online supplement
  5. Social status in Norway
    (with Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, Arne Kristian Aas and Øyvind Wiborg, European Sociological Review, 2011, 27:451--468.)
  6. Parenting style and youth outcomes in the UK
    (with Anita Koo, European Sociological Review, 2011, 27:385--399.)
  7. Social Status and Cultural Consumption (in paperback and hardback)
    (2010, Cambridge University Press, table of content, sample introductory chapter)
  8. The social stratification of cultural consumption: some policy implications of a research project
    (with John H Goldthorpe, Cultural Trends, 2007, 16:373--384.)
  9. Data, methods and interpretation in analyses of cultural consumption: a reply to Peterson and Wuggenig
    (with John H Goldthorpe, Poetics, 2007, 35:317--329.)
  10. Class and status: the conceptual distinction and its empirical relevance
    (with John H Goldthorpe, American Sociological Review, 2007, 72:512--532.)
  11. Social stratification and cultural consumption: the visual arts in England
    (with John H Goldthorpe, Poetics, 2007, 35:168--190. See also the special issue of which this paper is a part.)
  12. Social stratification and cultural consumption: music in England
    (with John H Goldthorpe, European Sociological Review, 2007, 23:1--29.)
  13. Social status and newspaper readership
    (with John H Goldthorpe, American Journal of Sociology, 2007, 112:1095--1134.)
  14. Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Normative and empirical considerations
    (with Matthew Clayton, Political Studies, 2006, 54:533--538.)
  15. The social stratification of theatre, dance and cinema attendance
    (with John H Goldthorpe, Cultural Trends, 2005, 14:193--212.)
  16. Is there a status order in contemporary British society? Evidence from the cccupational structure of friendship
    (with John H Goldthorpe, European Sociological Review, 2004, 20:383--401.)
  17. Educational homogamy in Ireland and Britain: Trends and patterns
    (with Brendan Halpin, British Journal of Sociology, 2003, 54:473--495.)
  18. Who marries whom in Great Britain?
    (with Brendan Halpin, in Who Marries Whom: Educational Systems As Marriage Markets in Modern Societies, edited by H-P. Blossfeld and A. Timm, 2003, Kluwer.)
  19. Union dissolution in the UK
    (with Brendan Halpin, International Journal of Sociology, 2002, 32:76--93.)
  20. Revolving doors re-examined: occupational sex segregation over the life course,
    American Sociological Review, 1999, 64:86-96.
  21. Class careers as sequences: an optimal matching analysis of work-life histories,
    (with Brendan Halpin, European Sociological Review, 1998, 14:111-130.)
  22. Optimal matching analysis: a methodological note on studying career mobility,
    (Work and Occupations, 1995, 22:467-490.)
  23. A comparative analysis of social mobility in Hong Kong,
    (with T.L. Lui and T.W.P. Wong, European Sociological Review, 1995, 11:135-155.)

Other publications

  1. Social status in Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture, edited by Dale Southerton, 2011, Sage.
  2. A joint report with Arts Council England From indifference to enthusiasm: patterns of arts attendance in England
    (with Catherine Bunting, John Goldthorpe, Emily Keaney and Anni Oskala)
  3. A second report with Arts Council England Encourage children today to build audiences for tomorrow
    (with Anni Oskala, Emily Keaney and Catherine Bunting)
  4. Optimal matching analysis Social Research Update, issue 24, spring 1999.

Former postdoc and doctoral students

Contact Info:

Department of Sociology
University of Oxford
Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (1865) 286176
fax: +44 (1865) 286171
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