(I'm not sure which Usenet newsgroup this first appeared in - but it impressed me at the time.)
From: Charlie_Gibbs@mindlink.bc.ca (Charlie Gibbs)

cs92dy@exeter.ac.uk (D.Young) writes:

>But you don't mess up the line length and make your posting look a
>complete mess to 97.654% of all readers...
>There must be a solution to this problem somewhere, could we
>standardise on making all postings html? That way the newsreader
>could decide where the line breaks were allowed to live.

What's wrong with just limiting each line to a maximum of 72 

Of course, if       always limit our-   turn it into
we were really      selves to 20-       multi-column
serious about       character lines.    format if you
backward compat-    Clever terminal     have a wider
ibility, we could   software could      screen.

If we wanted to go to extremes, we could write software that would
automatically justify all our text, so that the right margin would
not have that ugly ragged look.  (Much more complex patterns would
possibly give an outlet for one's artistic urges.)  I myself would
be satisfied with more modest efforts, such as messages that would
end each line with the same word.  Perhaps this small sample would
encourage others to create even better things, efforts which would
turn out less difficult and boring to read, and which indeed would
elevate net postings to an art form.

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