Odd laws on the books of various U.S. counties and states
(as of 1971):

* Nicholas County, WV
No Clergy shall tell a joke from the pulpit.
* Gloversville, NY
Woman wrestlers are prohibited within city limits.
* Compton, CA
Dancing cheek-to-cheek is prohibited.
* Lake Charles, LA
It's illegal to let a rain puddle remain in your front yard more than 12 hours.
* Walden, NY
You cannot give someone a drink of water without a permit.
* Vermont
It's illegal to whistle underwater.
* Fort Madison, IA
Fire department personnel are required to practice 15 minutes before attending a fire.
* California
A housewife may go to prison if she doesn't cook her dusting cloth after use.
* Elko, NV
No one shall walk upon the street without wearing a mask.
* Colorado
Serving of food in a room used for any other purpose is prohibited.
* New York City, NY
No decks of cards allowed in any apartment located within a mile's radius of an armory.
* Wyoming
Women are required to stand 5 feet away from bars when drinking in public.
* South Carolina
Hip pockets are illegal. (They provide a convenient place for pint bottles)
* Virginia
Horses of more than one year old are prohibited in a place of worship.

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