(Thanks to David Levene for sending me a photocopy of this; I don't know where it comes from originally.)

The Joy of Teaching

Then Jesus took his disciples up to the mountain, and gathering them around him he taught them:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the meek; blessed are they that mourn; blessed are the merciful; blessed are they that thirst for justice; blessed are you when you are persecuted. Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is great in heaven...

Then Simon Peter asked: "Are we supposed to know this?"

Andrew asked: "Do we have to write this down?"

And Phillip said: "I don't have any paper!"

And Bartholomew asked: "Do we have to give this in?"

John said: "The other disciples didn't have to learn this."

And Matthew asked: "May I go to the toilet?"

Then one of the Pharisees who was present asked to see Jesus' lesson plan, and inquired of Jesus: "Where is your anticipatory set and your objectives in the cognitive domain?"

And Jesus wept.

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