In a paper called "Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation of Children On-Line" (a contribution of ECPAT International to The World Congress III against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 25-28 November 2008) by Ethel Quayle in collaboration with Lars Loofand Tink Palmer, the authors referred to and quoted from my paper "No plaything: Ethical issues concerning child pornography" (Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 11, 2008, pp 327-345). They quoted at some length from a framework that I suggested for the analysis of pornography in general — a framework which, I clearly stated in my paper, could not be applied to child pornography. The authors ignored this, however, presenting me as concerned to analyse child pornography, and criticismg the analysis as being faulty (which indeed it would have been had I used it in the way they suggested).

I was somewhat surprised that reputable academics would make this sort of mistake; it seemed, in fact, that my paper hadn't been read, but simply trawled for a useful quotation that would further their argument. I looked up Ethel Quayle, finding that she did indeed appear to be a reputable academic, among other things being the Director of the COPINE project, University College Cork, which is devoted to researching child sexual abuse on the Internet. I wrote to Dr Quayle by e-mail, explaining what had happened, pointing out the error, and expressing surprise. I didn't get the courtesy of a reply.

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