Crime Fiction

* Elan: Avengers on the Web
Maintained by Alistair McGown. I wasn't sure whether to put this here or under `Humour', (or even under `S.F. & Fantasy') but it had to go somewhere - if only because it's part of my childhood. There's also a page of Avengers photos: Florent Toniello's The Avengers: Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir.
* Ernest Bramah
Although he's here for his Max Carados mysteries, the real joy of Bramah is the Kai Lung stories. This site contains, among other things, a complete Bramah bibliography. See also my own Ernest Bramah Page.
* Bullets & Beer
A home page that bills itself as a sort of shrine to Robert B. Parker's Spenser - one of Philip Marlowe's worthiest successors.
* The Case
This has gone completely frames crippled; I'll check occasionally, and if it comes to its senses I'll replace the link.
* Raymond Chandler
Christopher D. Ritter's page, from his Bohemian Ink Site.
* ClueLass Home Page
`ClueLass' being Kate Derie, who offers links and more conventional contact information for a range of groups and societies, on and off line.
* A Robert van Gulik homepage
For all fans of Judge Dee, the great Chinese detective. In fact, at the moment it's just a complete bibliography, though there are useful annotations, details of alternative titles and editions, etc.
* Georgette Heyer
I used to think that she only wrote fluffy romantic novels (of which I shared her low opinion) - but then I discovered her mystery novels...
* Marcia Muller
Tired of waiting for Sara Paretsky to get on with it and write another Warshawski? Why not try the original - Sharon McCone?
* The Mysterious Home Page
Jan B. Steffensen's site, offering a good range of links to relevant newsgroups, lists, other pages, etc. There's now an American site for this page, update once a week.
* The Mysterious Press
Details of their books and authors, including the late Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael mysteries. (Not much use with a text-based browser. They obviously expect their readers to be more interested in pictures than in text...)
* Ellis Peters and Brother Cadfael
Maintained by Anne Wells.
* Sherlock Holmes
+ 221B Baker Street
Michael Sherman's page.
+ The Sherlockian Holmepage
Chris Redmond's page.
+ Yoxley Old Place
Maintained by Fred Porlock. "Site dedicated to and about Sherlock Holmes and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You will find numerous links to other Sherlockian sites, a growing library of reference material on Holmes and the Canon, as well as some generic mystery related items."
* The Sub-Orbital
An Inspector Morse page. (For me, the television series was considerably better than the books - if only because the poor writing isn't as noticeable on the screen as it is on the page.)
* Tangled Web
Comprehensive U.K.-based crime and mystery fiction page.
Or it was. Perhaps it still is. Unfortunately, they've converted to frames only, and tell those of us who don't want to use frames-crippled browsers that we can "solve our problem" by downloading one. I don't want one, and I'm not prepared to slow down my Web use by switching to some Windoze graphical browser just for Tangled Web. So for all intents and purposes, Tangled Web is no more.
* Ultimate Mystery/Detective Web Guide
Massive site, with sections for authors, films, magazines, television series, etc.

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