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Personal Pages

A somewhat random collection --if you think that yours should be here, let me know (see below). See also the uk.rec.gardening Web-Ring.

* My Vegetable Patch
"It's all about my home vegetable garden and will have recipes and other information in the future. Any tips, recipes or anything about the site itself can be emailed to the address at the site. If you have your own site and would like a link just email and I'll have a look."
This is an Australian garden in Southern Victoria-- I can't discover whose, though.

* Mandy Alford
"An English country garden", in Dorset. Nicely designed site, offering a descriptive tour of Mandy's garden, plus sections on matters such as pruning and vegetable growing, and a page of her recipes. (M)
* The Vegetable Patch
An Australian patch (in Queensland) maintained by Gavin & Paula Atkinson. At the moment it seems to be more promise than delivery, but I'm sure that'll change. (M)
* Franck Aupetit
"Les Jardins de Saquet Bas." Frames-crippled, but I've linked to the main contents page.
* Janet and John Baraclough
"Somewhere north of Glasgow". Descriptions and photos of their garden. (M)
* Owen Clutton
Large list of useful links, plus details of his own commercial garden services.
* Ray Findlay
"The Garden Page". An American page, offering seasonal advice, links to useful reference sites and to commercial sites. Oh, and Astrology & Biorhythms... Ahem. (M)
* Mike Garofalo
"The Spirit of Gardening" Offers a history of gardening, petry, quotations, and much more. Well worth a browse.
* Andy Mabbett
Just photos of his garden with minimal descriptions -- but for some reason he hasn't made them down-loadable (for those with text-based browsers, for example).
* Paul Owen
Nicely designed site; among other things, it offers useful sections on vegetables, fruit, & herb growing. (M)
* David Poole
"A Garden in Torquay". Descriptive tour, with photographs, plus an annotated list of his favourite plants, and a list of plants that have done well in Devon... A very nicely designed Web page.
* Jon Rouse
"The Rouse garden" -- a Derbyshire garden. Description with photos; a nicely designed page.
* Ann Taylor
"Snowdrop's Garden Pages", in Suffolk. Very much a Home Page, with sections about Ann and her interests, but offering details of her gardening projects, photographs of her garden, a list of her plants, and a set of useful links. (M)
* Cormaic's Garden
Generally a well designed site, though a little messy at times if you're using a text-based browser -- and the site guide is made obscure by Cormaic having given free rein to his sense of humour. A plus for the graphics-based browser user: it offers a "break out of frames" button. Beware if you're browsing with Explorer or Netscape or the like, though -- it plays some godawful "music" (which comes as a shock if you're browsing while listening, say, to Couperin, as I was when I first looked at it). There's a button to switch it off, but why have it at all? Fortunately I usually use Lynx, which leaves me immune to such annoyances.


* Henriette's Herbal Homepage
Huge site devoted to all things herbal.
* National Herb
All about the Centre and its work, plus a vast amount of information about herbs -- places to buy them, how to use them, events about them...
* U.K. Herb Society
Conservation, culinary and medicinal information, links to herb sites, etc.


* Amateur Bonsai Web Site
Maintained by M.-T. Sukahara. Japanese only. (M)
* Bonsai primer
Packed with useful information, useful for bonsai growers from beginners to the more experienced. (Minor M)
* Bonsai Web
All manner of things -- articles (introductory and advanced), events, books, supplies, competitions...

Reference Sites

Well-designed, very useful on-line encyclopaedia of plants and gardening in general.
* Gardening Books
The u.r.g. FAQ. A very useful guide to gardening books (but see my books page for a worry about Amazon's policies). (M)
* GardenGuides
A large site, divided into various categories, offering articles at a popular-journalism come coffee-table book sort of level for the most part. (M)
* GardenWeb Plant Database
Nicely-designed site, offering the ability to search by common or botanical names.
* Internet Directory for Botany
Maintained at the Botanical Museum of Helsinki University, this offers a huge searchable botanic database.
* Jayne's Dragon
Maintained by Dow Manlove. "An Internet Garden Resource. The plant database is up to 900 plants -- each plant card includes descriptions, photos, and links to Internet nurseries that carry them. You can also "review a plant" by adding your experience with the plant in your garden." Also gardening links, etc. A well-designed and very useful site.
* Plant Dictionary
Ohio State University. Unusable by a text-based browser, because the menu is a gimmicky thing with an unusable button. It's a small menu, and would have worked perfectly well without the gimmick -- so here it is: Plant Dictionary.
* PLANTS National Database
"United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service". A frames-crippled site, but navigable.
* Texas Plant Disease Handbook
Huge and useful (if depressing) resource.
* Time-Life Plant Encyclopaedia
On-line encyclopaedia, with a lot of useful information, well organised. (M)
* Tips 4 Trees
Just what it says; a small page offering general advice on looking after trees.
* U.S. National Gardening Association's Question & Answer Library
Useful searchable database of answered gardening questions.
* WhichPlant
"1100+ plant database for gardeners, 6500+ plant database categorised by 150 medical uses, free adverts for business, FFA pages, Postcards and more." Some of what's on offer is only tangentially related to gardening, but that still leaves a lot of useful stuff here.
* Yesterday's Rose
"tribute to old & old-fashioned garden roses". Illustrations and descriptions of over 100 roses. Minor M.

Societies & Other Organisations

* Royal Horticultural Society
In this case I have a Major Moan, as the site is really messy with a text-based browser. Once you're past that, there's a fair bit on offer; apart from membership details and information about the Society, its events, publications, etc., there are reports on horticultural research, conservation, and trials, plus features such as "Plant of the Week" and the like.
See especially their Plantfinder site. I think that this is the main part of it, but it's so badly frames-crippled that I can't be certain.

* Scottish Rock Garden Club
Details of the club, events, journal, membership, seed exchange, etc.,
* Teesside Rose Society
Maintained by Stewart Featherstone. Offers details of the Society, conact page, details of events, rose links, etc.
* Weeds of the World Project
At the Oxford Forestry Institute.

Television & Radio Programmes

* Gardener's World
A large site, offering advice, "Plant of the Day" and the like, details of events, suggested projects, and more. (M)
* Canadian Gardener
Rich site, including a useful (and usable) search engine. (M)

Public Gardens, Museums, etc.

* University of British Columbia Botanical Garden
As for Kew -- very full, very well designed site.
* Museum of Garden History
In Lambeth Palace Road, South London. Opening times, information about the museum, a "Virtual Visit", feature articles, links, etc. (M)
* National Gardens Scheme
A charity which raises money for nursing charities, etc., by opening gardens to the public. (M)
* University of Oxford Botanic Garden
The oldest botanic garden in the country. Bare details of opening times & dates.
* Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Everything you might want to know about this most famous of Botanic Gardens without actually going there.
* University of Washington's Medicinal Herb Garden
"An unoffical hypertext tour and partial catalogue".


* Botanical defences
Plants to deter burglars, maintained by Ged McBride.
* Botany Links
From the Oxford Forestry Institute's pages,
* GoneGardening
U.K.-based commercial site, offering gardening information and on-line shopping. (M)
* Hedgerows Garden Tapestry
Canada-based site, with a forthcoming section for English gardening. Mostly well designed, offering links to commercial and non-commercial sites. (M)
* LJ Aquatics
A commercial site, with a lot of useful information.
* Thompson & Morgan
On-line seed and plant catalogue.
* Tropical Hibiscus
How to grow and look after them; lots of useful information. (M)
* u.r.g. archives
The Web pages for the Usenet group uk.rec.gardening. (M)
The uk.rec.gardening Web-Ring
Includes most of the personal pages above, and many more.
* Virtual Garden
An on-line magazine, somewhat U.S.-orientated. Why, incidentally, don't Americans call the activity "yarding"? (M)

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      Minor Moan: For some reason, although many sites manage to avoid such nuisances as frames and Java gimmicks, they spoil things by forcing the users of text-based browsers to see the names and descriptions of all their graphics. I don't want to know that there's a [striped_line2.gif] on a page; if I'd wanted to see it, I'd have used a graphics-based browser. And seeing as a link something like [brown_dot.gif] instead of a useful description is infuriating. I suspect that this is the result of using a Web-page writing program instead of writing it themselves, but whatever the reason, it's annoying. Users of text-based browsers will be blissfully unaware that my pages have eye-candy graphics, and that's surely the way it should be.