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Book-related sites

* Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
A list of science-fiction writers on the web, with introductory notes and (not always very full) bibliographies.
* Authors
Pages devoted to individual authors.
* Baen Books
A publisher's site, but one of the best on the Web.
* Future Fantasy Bookstore
Browse their on-line catalogue, follow their links to related sites and newsgroups, read about events such as signings... There's a text-only version.


Film-related sites

* Blade Runner
Based on part of a sub-plot of Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.
+ Blade Runner Ring Homepage
There are a lot of Blade Runner pages out there. This is one way to find many of them.
+ Off-World
There's also a fancy, pull-down menus version.

* Star Trek

* Star Wars
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Maintained by Jason Ruspini.



* Quanta
An on-line S.F. magazine.
* Science Fiction Weekly
An on-line science-fiction magazine. Archives, cover-art, etc.


Television-related sites

* Babylon 5
[Ivanova] Science fiction television series. Distinguished by a five-season plot-line - though it has undergone some rather uncomfortable wrenches due to unforeseen cast changes (though this is denied, unconvincingly, by its creator). The scripts can be patchy, some of the characters are less than convincing, and the special effects slightly cheap looking, expecially at the beginning - but there's some good acting (especially by the aliens), and the overall effect is usually very gripping. However, most of the fifth season was thin and mawkish, and took as long to die as an operatic hero.
+ Babylon 5: The Official Site
Maintained by Time-Warner; words, images, sounds - no smells yet.
+ Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5
Maintained by Steven Grimm.
+ Babylon 5 Technical Manual Page
Maintained by Thomas Chiverton. There's also a U.K. mirror.

* Blake's 7
Science-fiction television series that manages to be a cult yet unrepeated.
* SF Television-Series Guides
Maintained by Duncan White & Bevis King. Guides, some more detailed than others, to a small number of mostly major S.F. television series.
* Star Trek
I really don't have to introduce this...
+ The Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page - offers .au files of the vocal attempts of one of TV-SF's best-known actors... not for those of a nervous disposition, nor for music lovers. (This is a mirror site, but the original seems to have disappeared.)
+ The Definitive Star Trek Collection
Maintained by Lori A. Martin.
+ If Dr Seuss had written Star Trek: The Next Generation
Well I liked it...
+ International Federation of Trekkers
The International Star Trek Fan Club.
+ Brigitte Jellinek's Page
Choose from the Austrian and the Canadian sites.
+ The Megasite: Space The Final Frontier Maintained by Carl Plage.
+ Star Trek: WWW
"The Mother of All Star Trek Sites."

* Third Rock from the Sun
Brilliantly funny first two series(despite the appalling, hooting and squealing studio audience in the second series); reasonably funny third series; largely dull fourth series (in which all the characters, not just the Solomons, are kooky, and the point of the thing's been lost).
+ 3rd Rock from the Sun
The official site. I found it messy and difficult to find my way around, but perhaps it's meant to be a deep metaphor - for life, or love, or something...
+ Third Rock From The Sun
Maintained by Luis E. Fonseca & Materio Silva.

* The X-Files
Although I've occasionally watched and enjoyed this, its presence here is more for a friend (hello Judith) than for me.
+ X-Files Picture Galleries and Links
Maintained by Peter & Elizabeth Tran. Apart from the X-Files links, they have many useful links to other SF sites (including Babylon 5), as well as links relating to other interests.
+ X-Files Resource Page
A huge range of X-Files-related links.


General resources

* Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopias
Pretty much what it says; maintained by Laura Quilter. In science fiction, as in my other favourite genre, crime fiction, any list of top writers will feature a very large female presence (well, any halfway accurate list). Not all would count as feminists, but for those who do - this is the place to start looking.
* Linkoping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Based in Sweden; used to be called `Lysator'. Very full set of S.F. resources, well worth a look.
* SF Resource Guide
Maintained by Chaz Boston Baden.
* Science Fiction & Fantasy Net Resources
Maintained by Jeff Macdonald. A good range of links to S.F.-related sites of various kinds.
* Science Fiction Foundation Collection
Based at the University of Liverpool. Very much the academic side of things.
* SF Freaks Central: "Known Space"
A page of links to other sites and to relevant Usenet groups.
* Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
Massive site, with sections on authors, films, magazines, television series, etc.


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