Prof. Nathan Katz
Dept. of Religious Studies
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

The Indo-Judaic Studies Journal is an annual academic journal published by the Society for Indo-Judaic Studies dedicated to analyzing the affinities and interactions between Indic and Judaic civilizations from the ancient through contemporary times. Each issue will feature the following:

  1. New scholarly research into such areas as; comparative studies of Judaism and the religions of India, with attention to implications for the field of religious studies; historical studies of cultural and commercial links between Indian and Israel; social scientific studies of Jewish communities in India and Indian communities in Israel; comparative diaspora studies of Jewish and Indian communities, especially in North America; literature studies, including analyses of images of India in Jewish writings; political and scientific studies of diplomacy between India and Israel; approaches to secularism vs traditionalism in contemporary Indian and Israeli politics etc. (3 or 4 articles per issue)
  2. Republication of pioneering Indo-Judaica, classical studies in the field which are not readily accessible, such as Kunst's study of comparative logic, or Mandelbaum's ethnographies of Cochin's Jews (one per issue)
  3. Translations of primary documents such as the Urdu hagiography of Said Sarmad, or Hebrew travellers' accounts by Reinman, Saphir and Hillel, or Pierre Loti's French descriptions of Cochin's Jew Town, or such 'philo-Semitic' writings as Jamyang Norbu's Tibetan History of Israel (one per issue)
  4. Translations of modern scholarship in Hebrew, Yiddish, Hindi, etc. (one per issue)
  5. Interreligious / inter-ethnic dialogues, including theoretical aspects of dialogue as well as 'dialogue statements'.
  6. Book reviews
  7. News and notes.

Contributions may be directed to the editor mention at the beginning of this posting or to the co-editor:

Prof. Braj Mohan Sinha
Dept. of Religious Studies
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Sask., S7N 0W0

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