(Science links have now moved to their own page.)

* Anarchism page
A brief introduction to Terry Phillips' account of anarchist principles, plus details of publications, etc.
* B.B.C. World Service
This probably needs no introduction from me.
* Banned Books
Introduction and links to various works that have been banned over the years.
* Basilisk
An eclectic (and somewhat confusing) on-line magazine.
* Bibliography of Planned Languages (excluding Esperanto)
Prop. Richard K. Harrison. All your favourites and more (including "a priori" and "a posteriori" languages'...).
* The Guardian's OnLine
On-line Guardian's OnLine section.
* Leslie's World O'Chicks
Links to a vast range of Internet resources for, by, and about women. (This looked fine with Lynx [my browser of choice], but using Netscape it was unreadable because of the red lettering on the pink background, I'm afraid.)
* Stop Smoking!
The alt.support.stop-smoking (AS3) home page, with archives.
* Webster's On-Line Dictionary
Not Morrocco bound.
* Women's Resources on the Internet
An annotated set of links, based at the Universita degli Studi di Torino; in an English and an Italian version.
* International World-Wide Web Conference
Information about the WW5 and the WWW6, including the on-line proceedings.

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