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General Resource Sites

* Nature and Science Related Links
I'm not sure who maintains this site, but it's extremely useful (if somewhat overwhelming at times).

* The Telson Spur
"The Snark-Hunter's Page". If what you're looking for isn't here, then you're chasing a chimaera. This page is mind boggling.


Astronomy & Cosmology
(and Space generally)

* Amateur Astronomy
Jeff Bondono's page - a full and fascinating resource site.

* Amateur Astronomy Observers Log (AAOL)
"Web-based database of uploaded observation notes by amateur astronomers. Anyone can use the database, viewing observations (optionally filtered on the following fields: object, type of object, constellation, and observer) or adding their own observations."

* Galileo Space Probe
Links to the latest information and related resources for those interested in astronomy and spacecraft.

* Hubble Space Telescope
An information page with links to the latest information and images from the HST. Links to Hale/Bopp Comet information. Also links to other related astronomy information such as the Shoemaker/Levy Comet.

* Mars Information on the Internet
NASA's guide to Mars-related sites, including the Pathfinder and Global Surveyor Home Pages.

* Mir Space Station
"To celebrate the launching of NASA's space shuttle Atlantis, the Maximov Web site has launched a MIR Space Station page with great photos and a text detailing the history, design and current activities of the station by science writer Mark W. Curtiss." And however much longer Mir is up, this page still is.

* Network Resources for Astronomers
Huge site, with links to a wide variety of resources. Indispensable.

* Planetary Studies Foundation
A non-profit educational organization devoted to promoting the study of planetary science and astronomy. Site includes: articles, tutorials, and interviews of interest to the amateur astronomy and space exploration community, information about meteorites, and listings of PSF Upcoming Events (trips, public speaker programs, planetarium programs, observatory programs, etc.).

* SETI Institute
Details of the institute, its programmes (especially Project Phoenix), events, gift shop, educational activites, etc.

* SETI@home
"SETI@home is an experiment in massively distributed computing. You too can let your screen-saver function as part of a program to detect (or not) signs of extraterrestrial intelligence."


Journals, Publishers, etc.

* Nature
Archives, news, jobs, conferences, etc. Messy when viewed with a text-based browser.

* New Scientist
Of the main science journals, this is the most accessible to the lay reader. The site contains various articles and details of the journal,

* Science Magazine
From the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

* Scientific American
Unfortunately it's a badly designed page, in that it's very difficult to use with a text-based browser.

* Vigdor
Editions numeriques, scientifiques, et universitaires.


Sites Devoted to Scientists

* Darwin & Darwinism
Offers books, debates, W-WW links, & Darwin's complete works, and many other on-line texts. Very much recommended.

* Einstein in Princeton
This seems to relate to an exhibition from a few years ago, but the site remains, and provides a broad range of information and links to resources.

* Albert Einstein Online
Maintained by S. Morgan Friedman. A huge site, offering everything you've ever wanted to know about Einstein (and probably quite a bit that you haven't).

* Newtonia
Andrew McNab's page devoted to Isaac Newton - links to biographies, archives, and other relevant sites.

* Isaac Newton Links
From the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.


Miscellaneous Sites

* Human-Nature.Com
Huge site, offering resources related to the study of human nature in various disciplines. Has a particularly full set of links to relevant e-mail lists.

* Oceanography
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library page, maintained by Dave Stevens. A large site, offering sections on newsgroups, bulletin boards,conferences, societies, e-publications, etc.

"Science of Psychology Resources". Maintained by Ken Stange and Tara Bambrick. Extremely full guide and gateway to psychology (and related) resources on the Internet. Unfortunately badly frames-crippled, and Java-gimmicked; I've linked to the menu frame of the first page, but those with text-based browsers should be prepared for a painful time.

* Science as Culture
Information about the e-mail list, on-line papers, links, Process Press, and more.


Museums and the Like

(For Oxford museums see the Local Links page, and for other, mainly non-science museums, see the Libraries & Museums section of the Academic Links page.)

* American Museum of Natural History
Not very friendly for text-based browsers, being badly frames-crippled. Details of the Museum, its collection, exhibitions, etc.

* History of Science Museum, Florence, Italy
Slightly easier to use with a text-based browser than the previous site. Apart fromthe usual details of the Museum, collections, etc., there are links to relevant sites in Italy and around the world.

* Natural History Museums
A large list of museums with Web pages.

* Natural History Museum, Berne
Introduction to the Museum and its collections.

* Natural History Museum, London
A huge site, with information not only about the Museum and its collections, but about related matters. Nicely designed; well worth a visit.

* New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Emphasis on Palaentology (including the reconstruction of a dinosaur's call).

* Smithsonian Institution
Museums, galleries, events, activities...


Societies, etc.

* American Association for the Advancement of Science
Details of the Association, an on-line version of Science Magazine, plus links to related sites.

* Royal Society
"The U.K. Academy of Science". Details of the Society, reports, projects, meetings, etc.

* Royal Society of Edinburgh
Details of the Society, membership, aims & activities, etc.

* Washington Academy of Sciences
"Founded in 1898 by Alexander Graham Bell, Samuel Langley, and others [...] The site describes the events associated with the Centennial (including links to the Centennial Illuminated Alphabet), activities of the Junior Academy (including the Hovercraft Contest), and links to other Academies as well as Science Policy sites."

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