Date:    Fri, 12 Jan 1996 10:34:56 +0100
From:    Charles Orzech 
Subject: Tantra-L

As some of you know, a new list, Tantra-L is now up and running. The list was designed with three purposes in mind. First, it will support the five-year Tantric Studies Seminar of the American Academy of Religion. Second, Tantra-L should enhance interaction of the membership of the Society for Tantric Studies. Third, Tantra-L is designed to provide a space for scholarly discussion concerning the tantras, both within particular schools and traditions and hopefully across sectarian and scholarly boundaries. The list is closed (by subscription) but unmoderated. To subscribe send the following message to listserv@uncg.edu:


Other inquiries should be directed to me, Charles D. Orzech

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