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Countries & Regions

* Burma (Myanmar)
+ Amnesty International: Publications on Myanmar
Includes annual reports and news reports.
+ Free Burma
General background, interviews, audio-visual section, and a large document library.
A set of categorised links.

* China: Goya to Beijing
"In the politically responsive spirit of Goya, internationally acclaimed contemporary artists have gathered together to remember the tragic events which took place in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China, June 4, 1989.
The purpose of this exhibition is to commemorate the anniversary of this political struggle for democracy. It is the occasion to explore the contemporary artistic expression as a vehicle for political commentary.
The underlying universal theme of the exhibition is, in essence, the yearning for freedom - freedom from oppression - the freedom to express oneself unrestrained by political force. It is this sentiment that joined the Chinese students together - a democratic movement costing many of them their lives on June fourth, 1989."
* Cyprus
My own Cyprus page. It contains links to a variety of sites, some relevant to this page.

* East Timor
+ East Timor WWW Page
Pictures, information, and links.
+ Loro Sae - Timor Home Page
Maintained by Alexandre Gabriel. Also available in Portuguese.
+ TimorNet
An information service on East Timor, with a history of its oppression by Indonesia, and news about the struggle against that independence, as well as cultural information (art, literature, etc.).

* Turkey: Human Rights in Turkey
* site is dedicated to the `Struggle for Human Rights, justice and Democracy in Turkey'."


General Sites

* AAAS Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet
American Association for the Advancement of Science. Links organised in various ways.
* AAAS Science and Human Rights Programme
Details of the programme, news reports, area projects, etc.

* Amnesty International
Details of human-rights abuses in different countries, and where to write to make your views known.
U.K. | Scotland | Cyprus

* Centre for World Indigenous Studies
Details of the centre and its work, with links to related and dubsidiary projects.

* Derechos Human Rights Links

* Human Rights Internet
"A Human Rights Gateway."

* Human Rights Resources on the WWW
Based at the Department of International Politics, the University of Aberdeen.

* Human Rights Watch

* Human Rights Web Home Page

* Injustice Studies
"a refereed international electronic journal that helps focus academic attention on the study of injustices around the world. The editors welcome essays devoted to understanding the nature of injustice, types of injustice, and the history, politics, and moral psychology of particular injustices, ranging from global to local events. Disagreements over which injustices warrant attention also are part of the problematique of IS. Since IS has an interdisciplinary orientation, its articles should aim to be accessible to the general reader."
Badly frames-crippled, but I've linked to the relevant part.

* International Committee of the Red Cross
Not easy to use with a text-based browser. Offers details of the organisation, its work around the world, conferences, etc.

* OneWorld
News and views on all aspects of development, conflict, aid, etc. Another badly frames-crippled site, but I've linked to the relevant part.

* Peace Net

* reportage
An e-zine featuring 3 sections: The stories: Reportage from places like Gaza, Moscow, Haiti, LA, Guatemala and Bosnia. The essay: A gallery for photo journalism. WWW world news: hundreds of newspapers, magazines and info sources from 111 countries.
* UN Human Rights


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