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I am a Career Development Fellow at the Department of Economics, University of Oxford. In addition, I am affiliated to Lady Margaret Hall, where I am a fellow and Economics Tutor.

I pursued my undergraduate and master studies at Warsaw School of Economics. Soon after my graduation, I enrolled in the doctoral program at University of Oxford. As a recipient of the Departmental Doctoral Scholarship and a Teaching Associate, I had the opportunity to teach both the undergraduate and graduate students under the direction of Sujoy Mukerji.

My dissertation, written under the supervision of John K.-H. Quah, concerned three important issues related to the problem of time-inconsistency in decision-making and revealed preference analysis. First of all, I discussed the welfare properties of economies with time-dependent preferences and provided a version of the First Fundamental Welfare Theorem for this class of models. The second issue I considered were the testable implications of the discounted utility hypothesis. I developed an axiomatic characterisation of time-preference with various forms of discounting, and determined the observable implications for each specification. Finally, I discussed the testable restrictions for production technologies that exhibit complementarities. You can find the separate chapters of my thesis in the Research section.

Apart from my work on time-dependence and revealed preference, my interests lie in the area of games with a continuum of agents. The main questions related to this field concern the problem of equilibrium existence, monotone comparative statics, and computation.

Please find my complete résumé below.

My Résumé

My non-academic interests

My non-academic interests concern the medieval history of Europe and the Middle East. In particular, I am fascinated with the Crusades as well as the relations between the Byzantine Empire and the Kingdoms of Outremer throughout that period. Moreover, I am interested in the history of the conflict between the Roman and the Orthodox churches in the first centuries after the Great Schism, in which the Crusades played an important role. Recently, I have also developed an interest in the final stage of the Hundred Years' War and the War of Roses.

In my spare time, I play the guitar (both classical and electric). My principal music interests focus on ragtime and Mississippi Delta blues, as well as a whole variety of rock-and-roll music. My main inspirations are Son House and Chuck Berry, but I am also a great fan of Johnny Cash.

My guilty pleasures include: Dolly Parton (and the good ol' country music), playing the ukulele, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Kevin Bacon dancing in Footloose.


Email: pawel.dziewulski@economics.ox.ac.uk

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