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Event Calender

We often spontaneously go for post-training refreshments in one of our local pubs.

Aside from this, scheduled events are advertised on our Facebook page.

Links to Regional and National Events

From time to time, other clubs organise regional or national events and advertise them on the United Kingdom Shorinji Kempo Federation website.:



Disclaimer regarding events not organised by us:
All events marked with a location other than "Oxford", as well as any events advertised on external pages linked from this site, are NOT organised by us, but by other members of the World Shorinji Kempo Organisation (WSKO). The Oxford University Shorinji Kempo Club cannot assume responsibility for the actions and safety of the people attending such events. Instead, this is handled by the event organisers or WSKO, in the case of official WSKO events.

The Oxford University Shorinji Kempo Club is not responsible for the content of external web sites.