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Professor of Philosophy and Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Oxford
Tutorial Fellow of St Hugh
s College Oxford

History of Philosophy
Philosophy of Mathematics
Philosophy of Logic and Language
Philosophy of Religion

1982 - 1985 Lecturer in Philosophy at University College Oxford
1985 - 1988 Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy at King’s College Cambridge
1988 - Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at St Hugh’s College Oxford and CUF Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Oxford
2004 - Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford
2014 - 2015 President of the Aristotelian Society
2014 - 2019 Delegate of Oxford University Press
2015 - Joint editor, with Lucy O’Brien, of MIND
2017 - 2020 Vice-Principal of St Hugh's College Oxford

•1990 The Infinite (London: Routledge)
A revised second edition, with a new preface, was published in 2001.
A revised third edition, with a new preface, two new chapters, and a new appendix, is forthcoming.
•1997 Points of View (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
•2003 Noble in Reason, Infinite in Faculty: Themes and Variations in Kant
s Moral and Religious Philosophy (London: Routledge)
•2012 The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Making Sense of Things (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)
Forthcoming: Language, World, and Limits: Essays in the Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

•1993 (ed.) Meaning and Reference (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
•1993 (ed.) Infinity (Aldershot: Dartmouth)
•2006 (ed.) Bernard Williams, Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline (Princeton: Princeton University Press)
•2012 (ed. jointly with Roxana Baiasu and Graham Bird) Contemporary Kantian Metaphysics: New Essays on Space and Time (Basingstoke: Macmillan)

•Life-long ardent Manchester City supporter