Barnaby Taylor
                   New College, Oxford

I am departmental lecturer in Latin language and literature at the University of Oxford, and a fellow of New College. My research interests include Epicureanism and its Roman history, early Roman linguistic thought, and philosophy in Imperial Greek literature. I am currently completing a book on Lucretius, and preparing my next project, on the first dialogue of Cicero's De Finibus. In addition to these projects, I have papers in preparation on Cynic ethics in Lucian, Lucretius' terminology for concepts, and the behaviour of the Latin word 'alius'.
Lucretius and the Language of Nature, under contract with OUP.

'Diogenes of Oinoanda on the meaning of 'pleasure' (NF 192)', ZPE  191, 2014: 84-89.
'Definition and ordinary language in Cicero, De Finibus II', forthcoming in Classical Philology 111.1, 2016.

'Rationalism and the theatre in Lucretius', forthcoming in Classical Quarterly 66, 2016.

You can contact me at barnaby.taylor[at]