Barnaby Taylor
                   New College, Oxford

I am departmental lecturer in Latin language and literature at the University of Oxford, and a fellow of New College. I am interested in philosophical texts written in Latin, in early Roman linguistic thought, and in Hellenistic philosophy. I wrote my doctoral thesis on Lucretius and Epicurean linguistic theory, under the supervision of Tobias Reinhardt. This term (MT 2014) I am lecturing on Virgil's Aeneid, and on Russell's Anthology of Latin Prose.

'Diogenes of Oinoanda on the meaning of 'pleasure' (NF 192)', ZPE  191, 2014: 84-89.

'Definition and ordinary language in Cicero, De Finibus II', in Classical Philology.

In progress:
Rationalism and the theatre in Lucretius (under review)
Code-switching in Lucretius
Lucretius peripateticus

Garcea, A. Caesar's De Analogia. Oxford, 2012. CR 64.1, 2014: 113-5.
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Gaertner, J.F., Hausberg, B.C. Caesar and the Bellum Alexandrinum: an analysis of style, narrative technique, and the reception of Greek historiography. Göttingen, 2013. For CR.

You can contact me at barnaby.taylor[at]