Barnaby Taylor
                   Exeter College, Oxford


I am a Latinist, teaching in the department of Classics at the University of Oxford, and at Exeter College. My research to date has been focused on the language, style, and literary form of Latin philosophical literature. I am also interested in Roman linguistic thought, and in the early development of Latin style.
- 'Diogenes of Oinoanda on the meaning of 'pleasure' (NF 192)', ZPE  191, 2014: 84-89.
- 'Definition and ordinary language in Cicero, De Finibus 2', CP  111.1, 2016: 54-73.
- 'Rationalism and the theatre in Lucretius', CQ  66.1, 2016: 140-54.
- 'Memmius the Epicurean', forthcoming in CQ  (with Llewelyn Morgan).
- 'Common ground in De Rerum Natura', forthcoming in Donncha O'Rourke (ed.) Approaches to Lucretius  (CUP).

You can contact me at barnaby.taylor[at]