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Errata: errors in the first printing
  • Relevant if your book says:
    First published 2001
    only, on the page with the copyright notice.
  • pages xi and xii (Contents pages): for all pages from 141 onwards subtract one from the number given
  • page 13, the last two lines of the equation in the marginal note should read:
  • page 21, equation (2.14), insert V next to 6me on the right hand part of the equation
  • page 25, equation 2.25: change sign of numerator
  • page 25, just above equation 2.28 an extra factor of B needs to be added to both sides of the expression following "In small applied fields"
  • page 26, equation 2.30 should have a minus sign
  • page 30, insert µB before <0| in equation 2.48 and µ0 after 2 in the first term in equation 2.49
  • page 34, Table 2.2, the term symbol for Sm3+ should be 6H5/2 (not 6I5/2)
  • page 35, penultimate paragraph delete "angular" (appears twice)
  • page 36, remove minus sign in Boltzmann factor on the line before equation (2.58)
  • page 50, Fig. 3.6: the levels dz2 and dx2-y2 should be swapped
  • page 58, equation (3.28) and (3.29), T1 should be T2
  • page 72, problem (3.5) line 3, change eqn. 2.9 to eqn. 2.38
  • page 82, equation (4.14) change S to Si
  • page 83, equation 4.23: change N to n
  • page 84, problem 4.8, last bit shoud be -6J, 0, 4J, 6J and not 0, 2J and 6J.
  • page 87, penultimate paragraph Ms should be M throughout.
  • page 89, RHS of equation 5.11 needs a factor of 1/T
  • page 109, equation 5.56 should be:
  • page 117, last paragraph: At T=0 the system is perfectly ordered apart from quantum fluctuations
  • page 120, in the list of exactly solvable models, (1) should read Most cases and (3) should read Many cases. (There are some pathological exceptions!)
  • page 121, 9 lines after equation, "applicable to isotropic ferromagnets"
  • page 127, Fig. 6.18: note that although plotted as if from a triple-axis spectrometer, the data were obtained on a time-of-flight instrument
  • page 143, in the line before equation (7.14), the deficit of electrons with spin-down should be prepended with a minus sign, i.e. -ndownarrow=(1/2)g(EFB\ B.
  • page 144, equation 7.23 is missing a factor of µB on the RHS
  • page 146, end of last term of equation (7.26) change 2) to )2
  • page 151, equations 7.47 and 7.48 should be:
  • page 156, equation 7.85, change 1+4kF2/q2 to 1+q2/4kF2
  • page 169: Figure 8.3: the reference should be 1979, not 1997. The left axis should be equation, not C.
  • page 176, the formula for the phone number compound should end O41
  • page 196: Table A.1: the cgs unit of flux is G cm2, not G cm-2
  • page 210: Eqn. C.56, me should be squared; Eqn. C.59, a 1/(me2c2) term is missing.
  • page 220: Before Equation E.13, change entropy to magnetization
  • page 223: Answer to 2.3, add: if you assume Cu2+ is spin 1/2, g=2, and use density and RMM. The answer is 3.35x10-5 J/T if you use the measured susceptibility from table 2.1
  • page 223: cos4, not cos2 in Equation F.21
  • page 225: Equation F.46, change the denominator 1+e2y to 1+e-2y
  • page 225: After Equation F.54, the equation should read:
  • page 228: End of equation F.88, the final term should be

Thanks to: Christian Bahl, Michael Berndt, Michael Brooks, Jon Coe, Ted Davis, Alessandro di Bona, Jonathan Fitt, Manfred Helm, Lucy Helme, Agnieszka Iwasiewicz, Tom Lancaster, Des McMorrow, Gavin Morley, Oscar Moze, myself, Shoichi Nagata, Thomas Pedersen, Toby Perring, Oleg Petrenko, Alessandro Ponti, Chris Steer, David Thoulesss, Mark Tuominen.

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