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Errata: errors in the 2003, 2004, 2006 reprinting
  • Relevant if your book says:
    First published 2001
    Reprinted 2003
    First published 2001
    Reprinted 2003, 2004
    only, on the page with the copyright notice.
  • The errors in the 2001 printing discovered up to February 2003 have all been corrected, but additional ones have alas been discovered.
  • page 25, equation 2.25: change sign of numerator
  • page 25, just above equation 2.28 an extra factor of B needs to be added to both sides of the expression following "In small applied fields"
  • page 30, insert µB before <0| in equation 2.48 and µ0 after 2 in the first term in equation 2.49
  • page 34, Table 2.2, the term symbol for Sm3+ should be 6H5/2 (not 6I5/2)
  • page 35, penultimate paragraph delete "angular" (appears twice)
  • page 72, problem (3.5) line 3, change eqn. 2.9 to eqn. 2.38
  • page 87, penultimate paragraph Ms should be M throughout.
  • page 89, RHS of equation 5.11 needs a factor of 1/T
  • page 143, in the line before equation (7.14), the deficit of electrons with spin-down should be prepended with a minus sign, i.e. -ndownarrow=(1/2)g(EFBB.
  • page 144, equation 7.23 is missing a factor of µB on the RHS
  • page 176, the formula for the phone number compound should end O41
  • page 196: Table A.1: the cgs unit of flux is G cm2, not G cm-2
  • page 210: Eqn. C.56, me should be squared; Eqn. C.59, a 1/(me2c2) term is missing.
  • page 223: cos4, not cos2 in Equation F.21

Thanks to: Christian Bahl, Michael Berndt, Alessandro di Bona, Manfred Helm, Des McMorrow, Thomas Pedersen, Oleg Petrenko. Alessandro Ponti and Mark Tuominen

(Last update 10/05/07)