Education and Career History


            Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, 1971-8

            Undergraduate and graduate student, Balliol College, Oxford, 1978-85

            Junior Lecturer in Latin, Magdalen College, Oxford, 1984-5

            Woodhouse Junior Research Fellow in Classics, St. John’s College,Oxford, 1985-7

            A.E.Haigh Teaching Fellow in Classics, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1987-92

            Mynors and Charles Oldham Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1992-

            University Lecturer in Classical Languages and Literature, University of Oxford, 1993-2000

            Reader in Classical Languages and Literature, University of Oxford, 2000-2004

            Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, University of Oxford, 2004-8

            Adjunct Professor (Professor II), University of Bergen, Norway, 2004-2007

            William Evans Visiting Fellow in Humanities, University of Otago, New Zealand, 2006

            Professor of Latin Literature, University of Oxford, 2008-

            Adjunct Professor (Professor II), University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010-

            Adjunct Professor (Professor II), National University of Technology, Trondheim, Norway, 2015-

            Edwin C. and Elizabeth A. Whitehead Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,

           Winter Term 2015

            William H. Bonsall Visiting Professor in the Humanities, Stanford University, Winter Terms

            2017 and 2018


          Degrees, Grants, Awards, Memberships


            Degrees: First Class, Literae Humaniores (BA in Classics), 1982,

            MA 1985, DPhil 1987  ('A Commentary on Vergil, Aeneid 10',  supervisor

            Prof.R.G.M.Nisbet, examiners Prof.E.J.Kenney and Miss M.Hubbard)


            Oxford University Prizes and Awards: Hertford Prize 1980, Second Craven Scholarship

            1980, Passmore Edwards Prize 1984, Schmidt Scholarship 1984, Gaisford Dissertation Prize 1986,

            Teaching Award 2008


            External Research Awards and Grants: British Academy/Leverhulme Senior

            Research Fellow 1997-8 (£20,000); British Academy  Conference Grant 1997

            (£800); British Academy Joint Activities Fund grantholder for 2001-3 (£1000),

            British Academy Overseas Conference Grant 2003 (£350), Research Leave

            grant from Loeb Classical Foundation 2009 ($30,000), British Academy Small

            Research Grant 2010 (£1760), fellowship at Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 2015

            ($50,000), Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship 2017-20 (£154,000)


            Professional Memberships: Classical Association, Society for the

            Promotion of Roman Studies, Joint Association of Classical Teachers,

            Oxford Philological Society, Cambridge Philological Society, American

            Philological Association, Horatian Society, Vergilian Society, Society for Neo-Latin Studies





            Academic Honours: elected to Academia Europaea 2007, to Accademia

            Vergiliana di Mantova 2012 (Accademico ordinario), to Norwegian Academy of Sciences 2014

            (Historical/Philosophical Class), to Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Foreign Member) 2016.


          Editorial, strategic and advisory roles


            Founder member, Classical Reception Studies Network (UK), 2004-  [joint co-ordinator 2011-14]

            Oxford member, Réseau international de recherche et de formation à la recherche sur la 

            poésie augustéenne (France), 2006-

            Founder member, steering group, Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (research programme

            The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities), 2013-

            Member, Flavian Epic Network (UK), 2012-

            Member, Epic Poetry Network (EPN), Germany, 2016-


            Advisory Committee of the Graduate School, University of Padova 2008- 

            Member, AHRC Peer Review College 2009-12

            Fellowship assessor, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, 2011 and 2012

            Grant assessor, MIUR/ANVUR (Italian education ministry), 2012-

            Assessor, VQR (Italian REF), 2012-

            Panel member, APELLA (Greek academic appointments), 2014-


            Member of advisory committee, Oxford Classical Texts, 2003-

            Associate editor for Latin Literature, Oxford Classical Dictionary, 2009-

            Associate editor for Latin Culture, Blackwell Encyclopedia of Ancient History, 2008-2013

            Advisory board member, The Virgil Encyclopedia (USA), 2008-14    

           European Advisory board member, Princeton University Press, 2011-15

           Advisory board member, I.B.Tauris Classics and Ancient History, 2011-15

            Classical Delegate (board member), Oxford University Press, 2015-



            Founding member of editorial board, Ancient Narrative, (Netherlands), 2000-

           Latin Literature associate editor, Bryn Mawr Classical Review (USA), 2003-                                                           

            Editorial board member, Acta  Classica (S.Africa), 2006-

            Member of Scientific Committee, Ordia Prima (Argentina), 2006-

            Founder member of international advisory board, New Voices in Classical Reception Studies (UK), 2006-

            Founder editorial board member, Trends in Classics (Greece), 2007-

            Editorial board member, Classica et Mediaevalia (Denmark), 2007-

            Editorial board member, Vergilius (USA), 2009-

            Editorial board member, Classical Bulletin (USA), 2009-

            Founder advisory board member, Classics Reception Journal (UK), 2009-

            Founder advisory board member, Trondheim Studies in Greek and Latin (Norway), 2009-

            Advisory board member, Testi e manuali per l’insegnamento universitario di latino (Italy), 2011-

            Advisory board member, Aevum antiquum (Italy), 2011-

            Advisory board member, Studi di filologia classica (Italy), 2011-

            Advisory board member, Mnemosyne (Netherlands), 2012-               

            Founder advisory board member, «Permanenza del ClassicoTesti» (Italy), 2012-

            Advisory board member, Minerva (Spain), 2012-

            Editorial board member, Eirene (Czech Republic), 2013-

            Advisory board member, Paideia (Italy), 2014-

            Editorial board member, Invigilata Lucernis (Italy), 2017-

            Advisory board member, Littera Aperta (Spain), 2018-