Education and Career History


            Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, 1971-8

            Undergraduate and graduate student, Balliol College, Oxford, 1978-85

            Junior Lecturer in Latin, Magdalen College, Oxford, 1984-5

            Woodhouse Junior Research Fellow in Classics, St. John’s College,Oxford, 1985-7

            A.E.Haigh Teaching Fellow in Classics, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1987-92

            Mynors and Charles Oldham Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1992-

            University Lecturer in Classical Languages and Literature, University of Oxford, 1993-2000

            Reader in Classical Languages and Literature, University of Oxford, 2000-2004

            Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, University of Oxford, 2004-8

            Adjunct Professor (Professor II), University of Bergen, Norway, 2004-2007

            William Evans Visiting Fellow in Humanities, University of Otago, New Zealand, 2006

            Professor of Latin Literature, University of Oxford, 2008-

            Adjunct Professor (Professor II), University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010-

            Adjunct Professor (Professor II), National University of Technology, Trondheim, Norway, 2015-

            Edwin C. and Elizabeth A. Whitehead Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,

           Winter Term (January-March) 2015

            William H. Bonsall Visiting Professor in the Humanities, Stanford University, Winter Term

            (January-March) 2017


          Degrees, Grants, Awards, Memberships


            Degrees: First Class, Literae Humaniores (BA in Classics), 1982,

            MA 1985, DPhil 1987  ('A Commentary on Vergil, Aeneid 10',  supervisor

            Prof.R.G.M.Nisbet, examiners Prof.E.J.Kenney and Miss M.Hubbard)


            Oxford University Prizes and Awards: Hertford Prize 1980, Second Craven Scholarship

            1980, Passmore Edwards Prize 1984, Schmidt Scholarship 1984, Gaisford Dissertation Prize 1986,

            Teaching Award 2008


            External Research Awards and Grants: British Academy/Leverhulme Senior

            Research Fellow 1997-8 (£20,000); British Academy  Conference Grant 1997

            (£800); British Academy Joint Activities Fund grantholder for 2001-3 (£1000),

            British Academy Overseas Conference Grant 2003 (£350), Research Leave

            grant from Loeb Classical Foundation 2009 ($30,000), British Academy Small

            Research Grant 2010 (£1760), fellowship at Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 2015

            ($50,000), Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship 2017-20 (£154,000)


            Professional Memberships: Classical Association, Society for the

            Promotion of Roman Studies, Joint Association of Classical Teachers,

            Oxford Philological Society, Cambridge Philological Society, American

            Philological Association, Horatian Society, Vergilian Society, Society for Neo-Latin Studies





            Academic Honours: elected to Academia Europaea 2007, to Accademia

            Vergiliana di Mantova 2012 (Accademico ordinario), to Norwegian Academy of Sciences 2014

            (Historical/Philosophical Class), to Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Foreign Member) 2016.


          Editorial, strategic and advisory roles


            Founder member, Classical Reception Studies Network (UK), 2004-  [joint co-ordinator 2011-14]

            Oxford member, Réseau international de recherche et de formation à la

            recherche sur la poésie augustéenne (France), 2006-

            Founder member, steering group, Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (research programme

            The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities), 2013-

            Member, Flavian Epic Network (UK), 2012-

            Member, Epic Poetry Network (EPN), Germany, 2016-


            Advisory Committee of the Graduate School, University of Padova 2008- 

            Member, AHRC Peer Review College 2009-12

            Fellowship assessor, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, 2011 and 2012

            Grant assessor, MIUR/ANVUR (Italian education ministry), 2012-

            Assessor, VQR (Italian REF), 2012-

            Panel member, APELLA (Greek academic appointments), 2014-


            Member of advisory committee, Oxford Classical Texts, 2003-

            Associate editor for Latin Literature, Oxford Classical Dictionary, 2009-

            Associate editor for Latin Culture, Blackwell Encyclopedia of Ancient History, 2008-2013

            Advisory board member, The Virgil Encyclopedia (USA), 2008-14    

           European Advisory board member, Princeton University Press, 2011-15

           Advisory board member, I.B.Tauris Classics and Ancient History, 2011-15


            Founding member of editorial board, Ancient Narrative, (Netherlands), 2000-

           Latin Literature associate editor, Bryn Mawr Classical Review (USA), 2003-                                                           

            Editorial board member, Acta  Classica (S.Africa), 2006-

            Member of Scientific Committee, Ordia Prima (Argentina), 2006-

            Founder member of international advisory board, New Voices in

            Classical Reception Studies (UK), 2006-

            Founder editorial board member, Trends in Classics (Greece), 2007-

            Editorial board member, Classica et Mediaevalia (Denmark), 2007-

            Editorial board member, Vergilius (USA), 2009-

            Editorial board member, Classical Bulletin (USA), 2009-

            Founder advisory board member, Classics Reception Journal (UK), 2009-

            Founder advisory board member, Trondheim Studies in Greek and

            Latin (Norway), 2009-13

            Advisory board member, Aevum antiquum (Italy), 2011-

            Advisory board member, Studi di filologia classica (Italy), 2011-

            Advisory board member, Mnemosyne (Netherlands), 2012-


            Founder advisory board member, «Permanenza del ClassicoTesti» (Italy), 2012-

            Advisory board member, Minerva (Spain), 2012-

            Editorial board member, Eirene (Czech Republic), 2013-

            Advisory board member, Paideia (Italy), 2014-

            Classical Delegate (board member), Oxford University Press, 2015-

            Editorial board member, Invigilata Lucernis (Italy), 2017-