I have several projects in progress currently (January 2016). In press and to appear in 2016 is a commentary on Horace Odes 2 for the Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics (green and yellow) series; a monograph on the reception of Horace in the Victorian period for Duckworth should be out in 2017.A further project in the mid-term is a study of the reception of Apuleiusí Metamorphoses in European literature and art since Shakespeare. Co-edited conference volumes in progress with teams of colleagues include one on Roman drama, one on the reception of Sappho at Rome, one on ancient prose, one on E.R.Dodds, one on the weaker voice in Latin literature, and one on Performing Epic. I have also agreed to edit the Silvae of the great Scottish neo-Latin poet George Buchanan (1506-1582) for an international Buchanan edition.