Thomas W. L. Norman

Economics Fellow, Magdalen College


Dynamically Stable Sets in Infinite Strategy Spaces, Games and Economic Behavior, 62(2): 610-627 (2008)

Rapid Evolution under Inertia, Games and Economic Behavior, 66(2): 865-879 (2009)

Skew-Symmetry under Simultaneous Revisions, International Game Theory Review, 11(4): 471-478 (2009)

Cycles versus Equilibrium in Evolutionary Games, Theory and Decision, 69(2): 167-182 (2010)

Equilibrium Selection and the Dynamic Evolution of Preferences, Games and Economic Behavior, 74(1): 311-320 (2012)

Sequential Rationality in Continuous No-Limit Poker, Games, 5(2): 92-96 (2014)

Learning, Hypothesis Testing and Rational-Expectations Equilibrium, Games and Economic Behavior, 90(1): 93-105 (2015)

Ergodic Inequality, Games, 7(3), 14 (2016)

Inefficient Stage Nash is not Stable, Journal of Economic Theory, 178: 275-293 (2018)

Markov Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium via Ergodicity (with Jeremy Large)

Almost-Rational Learning with No Grain of Truth (with Ziv Hellman)

Approachability in Population Games (with Dario Bauso)


Market Selection with Multiple Equilibria

Equilibrium Selection in the Generalized Second-Price Auction

Learning Finitely Complex Equilibria

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