Medieval Drama

**The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Theatre ed. Richard Beadle, Cambridge 1994.
R.W. Southern: Medieval Theatre in the Round
R. Weimann: Shakespeare and the Popular Tradition in the Theatre.
S. J. Kahrl: Traditions of Medieval Drama
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Middle English plays

a) Mystery Plays
You should read the plays of the Wakefield Master, one of the Abraham and Isaac plays, and the York Harrowing of Hell (in Fourteenth Century Verse and Prose): also the work of the 'York Realist': York 26, 28-33, 36. ?
most available in Mystery Plays, Penguin, ed. P. Huppé

R. Woolf: The English Mystery Plays
V.A. Kolve: The Play called Corpus Christi
J. Taylor and A. Nelson: Medieval English Drama: Essays Critical and Contextual (1972)
look at H-J. Diller: 'The Craftsmanship of the Wakefield Master', J.W. Robinson: 'The Art of the York Realist' and L.Ross. "Symbol and Structure in the Secunda Pastorum".

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b) Morality Plays
 You should read Everyman, Mankind, The Castle of Perseverance and Wisdom.
See especially P. Neuss' article on Mankind in Stratford on Avon Studies 16, as above
R. Proudfoot, "The Virtue of Perseveraunce", in Aspects of Early English Drama. ed. P. Neuss (1983)
Essay on Mankind, subversion and carnival in D. Aers'(ed.)  Medieval Ideology, Criticism, History. (1986)
Gail McMurray Gibson, The Theater of Devoiton: East Anglian Drama and Society in the Late Middle Ages Chicago, 1989

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