Old Norse Paper B 15

Almannagjá at the site of the Old Icelandic parliament, ãingvellir

Set texts for translation and essays
See entries for individual texts in: In Medieval Scandinavia. An Encyclopedia. Eds. P. Pulsiano and K. Wolf. New York and London: Garland, 1993.
1.Hrafnkels saga Freysgoña
Text: in E.V. Gordon (ed.) Introduction to Old Norse. Oxford, 1927.

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2. Gylfaginning
Text: A. Faulkes' edition: Snorri Sturluson: Edda: Prologue and Gylfaginning.Viking Society 1988;
Transl. A. Faulkes, Snorri Sturluson, Edda, Everyman, 1987 - read also Skáldskaparmál in this translation.
For paper B15 you need to translate ch. 43 to the end.

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3. Hamñismál
Use text in The Poetic Edda, vol. 1 ed. U. Dronke, Oxford (1969)

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4. Íslendingabók
Use text and translation of Islendingabók ed. Halldór Hermansson, in Islandica 20 (1930)

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You might also look at the account of the Conversion in Njáls saga, and of the discovery of Greenland and Vinland in Eíriks Saga Rau?aand Grœnlendinga Saga.

Text in Jón Helgason, (ed.) Eddadigte II, Copenhagen

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Also for comparison with Old English Charms  in G. Storms, ed., Anglo-Saxon Magic, The Hague 1948,
especially Nine Herbs Charm, Wiñ Æcerbote, Wiñ Færstice (Against a sudden stitch)